Meet a Supporter: Lily Arbulich

John & Lily Arbulich

John & Lily Arbulich

Meet a Supporter: Lily Arbulich

Support Circle interviewed Lily Arbulich to learn more about her and why she supports the organization.

SC: What a great-looking couple! How long have you been married?

Lily: Thanks. You’re very kind. John and I have been married for 42 years as of this August. We have two sons, ages 36 and 34.

SC: How did you and John meet?

Lily: We met 45 years ago at a Baskin Robbins counter. John was buying his favorite ice cream. Baseball Nut. I was only 14-1/2 years old. We were both attending my church’s young people’s outing.

SC: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream, Lily?

Lily: Almond Fudge.

SC: What do you and John do for fun?

Lily: We enjoy taking a ride to Santa Cruz, Napa and other wine country locations on a beautiful sunny day with the top down to visit wineries. We love to travel to John’s native homeland, Croatia, where Mom and many relatives still live.

John and Lily

John and Lily

SC: Would you like to share your occupations with our readers?

Lily: For the past 15 years, I have been a caregiver for the elderly and families in need. For the past 35 years, John has been responsible for the engineers at his work in various companies in Silicon Valley.

SC: How long have you been supporters of Support Circle?

Lily: Hmmm… At least 10 plus years.

SC: What drew you to Support Circle?

Lily: We were drawn to Support Circle because it is a safe haven for women who are confused, frightened and unsure of what to do if they find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. At Support Circle, women will receive grace, kindness and sincere concern for their present state from counselors, nurses and staff that will stand beside them and support them throughout their decision-making. We highly recommend giving your donation to Support Circle.

SC: Thank you for your time and support, Lily.

Lily: God bless you!


What I love about Support Circle – Nancy Cecconi

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A safe, civil place in the midst of fear

A safe, civil place in the midst of fear

Dear Supporters,

So much talk in the media is driven by fear. Many of our clients, before meeting us, are driven by fear. She fears judgment, the future of her relationship, how her family and friends will react. She has financial fear, fear about keeping her job, fear about not being able to finish school. She has fear about where she will live, fear about the unknown. Her fears are as unique as she is.

Support Circle offers tangible help by providing a safe, civil place where she can come to address her most pressing needs and fears when facing an unplanned pregnancy. A place where people are not jumping all over her, demanding that she make one decision or another. But rather, a place that gives her deference so she can sort out her own thoughts and feelings to make a well-informed choice that she can own. Your financial support helps Support Circle provide a safe, civil place for her.

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The Client Process at Support Circle provides enough structure that she experiences a non-pressured environment but also provides enough flexibility to address her specific needs. Her well-being is the priority during her appointments. Our friendly and professional staff at Support Circle’s three licensed medical clinics provide clients with a genuine opportunity to receive critical medical information and process their thoughts and feelings. And our counseling staff provides long-term, relational support for the coming year.

You can provide the strong, civil voice that’s needed: Women and men facing the fear of an unplanned pregnancy need a strong, civil voice.  They don’t need more voices from society that are motivated by fear.

You can help provide that strong, civil voice today through Support Circle.  I have made it the top priority in this organization to strengthen our voice and outreach, beginning first online, and then secondly in the community.  This spring we will not be holding our annual Benefit Dinner to enable our team to continue building our online presence and outreach. We look forward to 2017 when our premiere fundraising event will return. In the meantime, we still need your financial support without attending the physical event. We launched our spring fundraising efforts with the “Support the Circle” campaign. Your contributions complete the circle of supportive services around our clients, and provide the resources needed to bring a strong, civil voice to women and men facing the fear of unplanned pregnancy.

Would you give generously to this campaign so that together we can be that strong voice?  We are encouraging our regular banquet guests to give online and via mail what they would have given at the annual event. Please “Support the Circle” today, and your contributions will go towards direct services in our medical clinics and our outreach efforts!

Together we can replace fear with support, which leads to hope and lasting change!


Albert K. Lee
Executive Director


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Support Circle Winter 2016 Newsletter

Winter 2016 Newsletter

Our orgwinter 2016 newsletteranization, benefiting from over 30 years of experience serving Bay Area women and men facing unintended pregnancies, has learned to listen deeply to our clients. We customize our professional services to each unique person and situation, and we remain committed to refining our work so that our clients receive the best care possible. Meet Nancy Cecconi, Support Circle Board Member, and learn more about our circle of care and the services we offer in our Winter 2016 Newsletter.


Winter 2016 Newsletter

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What I love about Support Circle – Board Member

Support Circle Board Member

Nancy Cecconi, Support Circle Board Member

What I love about Support Circle
By Nancy Cecconi, Support Circle Board Member and Former Nurse

I am a member of the Board of Directors of Support Circle. I served as both a volunteer nurse and a staff nurse in the three medical clinics. I believe strongly in the mission of Support Circle and see the need for it in the Bay Area.

The world looks on at an unplanned pregnancy with indifference, and an unspoken, ‘not my problem, so I don’t really care,’ at best. Support Circle is that place that says, ‘I care’ without pressure or judgment, and in full awareness of the woman and her rights, but wants to offer thoughtful, tangible help, at this most difficult time in her life.

What attracted me to the organization is that as an OB nurse, woman, wife, sister, mother, friend, I know the need for this service. What has sustained me is how thoroughly professional and competent they are in offering medical and counseling services.


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