Support Circle Winter 2016 Newsletter

Winter 2016 Newsletter

Our orgwinter 2016 newsletteranization, benefiting from over 30 years of experience serving Bay Area women and men facing unintended pregnancies, has learned to listen deeply to our clients. We customize our professional services to each unique person and situation, and we remain committed to refining our work so that our clients receive the best care possible. Meet Nancy Cecconi, Support Circle Board Member, and learn more about our circle of care and the services we offer in our Winter 2016 Newsletter.


Winter 2016 Newsletter

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What I love about Support Circle – Board Member

Support Circle Board Member

Nancy Cecconi, Support Circle Board Member

What I love about Support Circle
By Nancy Cecconi, Support Circle Board Member and Former Nurse

I am a member of the Board of Directors of Support Circle. I served as both a volunteer nurse and a staff nurse in the three medical clinics. I believe strongly in the mission of Support Circle and see the need for it in the Bay Area.

The world looks on at an unplanned pregnancy with indifference, and an unspoken, ‘not my problem, so I don’t really care,’ at best. Support Circle is that place that says, ‘I care’ without pressure or judgment, and in full awareness of the woman and her rights, but wants to offer thoughtful, tangible help, at this most difficult time in her life.

What attracted me to the organization is that as an OB nurse, woman, wife, sister, mother, friend, I know the need for this service. What has sustained me is how thoroughly professional and competent they are in offering medical and counseling services.


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