Services For Men


You may have recently suspected or learned that your partner or loved one is pregnant.  Hearing the news “I’m pregnant” can be a shock, a time of stress for all involved.  You may ask, “How can I be involved in the decision?”

In the past, many men have had a silent voice in the decision making process; however, an unplanned pregnancy can represent a big change not only in her life, but your life as well.  Men have often reported feeling violated and hurt that their partner would make a decision without at least considering your viewpoint.  While perspectives will vary, men acknowledge that the decision is very much a two-person based decision, in their minds.

Support Circle recognizes that men need support as well in this situation and provides the following services for men:

  • Addressing financial questions and concerns in an individual setting
  • Answers to medical questions related to the pregnancy
  • Discussion facilitation – Sometimes conversations can be difficult with sensitive issues like an unintended pregnancy.  Having a qualified third party facilitate discussion between you and your partner is extremely helpful.  Our patient advocates specialize in facilitating discussions with couples who are “unsure” of their pregnancy decision.  All sessions are confidential and free.
  • Individual support – sort out your own thoughts and plans in complete confidentiality with a patient advocate.
  • Relationship support
  • Co-parenting support

Feel free to ask us for more information about these services or to make an appointment.