Dear Friends,

I hope your family and friends are safe and well during these challenging times. Support Circle is family. Your well-being and our patients’ well-being is our foremost concern. We will be keeping in regular communication with you during the coronavirus emergency, both to encourage you and to provide updates on our clinics. We’re all in this fight against coronavirus together!

We all can use some encouragement today! Please enjoy this C.S. Lewis video, which lowered my tensions when I listened to it. Simply insert the word “coronavirus” for refreshing perspective.

In these challenging times, let’s remember God’s Heart: ”God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish.”Psalm 9:18. Take heart in this promise today!

During this time, Support Circle continues to serve our patients who are making decisions on matters of life and death that can’t be postponed. We have set up an online giving campaign to ensure clinic services can continue during the coronavirus emergency.

The Support Circle family invites you to join us on June 6th to learn more about our services through our Annual Benefit event: The Power of One Brings Hope!

Peace be with you,

Albert Lee, CEO