Next Gen Pregnancy Centers

The rising trend of the abortion pill is one of the biggest reasons why Support Circle announced last year a strategic move to head more medical.  Women who are considering the abortion pill need medical information about their pregnancy. They are increasingly looking to get that from a medical provider, especially one who can provide obstetric ultrasounds. Support Circle is that medical provider in the community, who is life-affirming.  We provide all of the medical information they need about their pregnancy and their options, and we provide it for free.

We’re in our final year of the process of obtaining AAAHC accreditation as an ambulatory health center, which is a medical accreditation that less than 2% of pregnancy centers nationwide possess.  AAAHC accreditation is the highest level medical accreditation that our class of facility can receive.  We are on schedule to complete and obtain the accreditation in 2020.

Support Circle is doing this to lay a strong medical foundation, so that we can add on additional medical services such as abortion pill reversal, and STI testing, and add on medical personnel.  This is all part of the plan to build a Next Gen Pregnancy Center that provides all the specific things that women are looking for:

1. An accredited medical provider
2. A robust rotation of doctors & medical personnel in the clinics
3. A strong presence online
4. The ability to schedule appointments by TXT
5. A safe space

For more information, contact Charmaine Williams, VP of Development, at (510) 569-1200 x216 or [email protected].