Next Gen Pregnancy Centers

Abortion in California and in the U.S. is on the decline overall.  The California abortion rate is currently at an all-time historical low.  It is HALF of what it was in the mid-80s!

Although the trend line for abortion in California is down, there is one rising trend: the popularity of the abortion pill.  Part of this popularity is a misperception that the abortion pill is the same as the morning-after pill.  They are not the same.  They are two completely different drugs with completely different side effects and health consequences.

Women who are considering abortion are increasingly interested in taking the abortion pill, and in receiving information and services from a medical provider.  It is also of critical importance that these women receive an obstetric ultrasound, since ultrasounds provide the medical information necessary to inform the final decision-making about a pregnancy.

Support Circle is establishing a Next Gen Pregnancy Center to meet these new trends.  A Next Gen Pregnancy Center is a medical provider in the community that provides:

  1. Expanded medical services
  2. AAAHC accreditation as an ambulatory health center
  3. A robust team of doctors and other medical clinicians
  4. A strong online presence, including instant scheduling by text
  5. A safe space

AAAHC accreditation as an ambulatory health center is a medical accreditation that less than 2% of pregnancy centers nationwide possess.  Even less have all five components of a Next Gen Pregnancy Center. AAAHC accreditation is the highest level medical accreditation that our class of facility can receive.  We are currently in process for this accreditation.

For more information, contact Charmaine Williams, VP of Development, at (510) 569-1200 x216 or [email protected]