Time, Space and Support

We understand that women experiencing an unintended pregnancy can feel nervous and anxious for medical services and information. That is why our team is available to you. Whether you are considering abortion, parenting, or adoption, we understand the sense of urgency to receive thorough medical information and emotional support.

One of our distinctives is the ability to offer no cost appointments and walk-in appointments.  Our patients typically have numerous questions and concerns they want addressed. Our appointments are customized to each patient’s needs.  The average appointment time, with ultrasound, is 1.5 hours.

All patients experience:

  • User friendly scheduling
  • Free and confidential medical care
  • Confidential emotional support
  • Ultrasound appointments to confirm viability and dating for all who meet the medical criteria
  • Accurate medical information
  • Resource information and assistance from knowledgeable, well established community based agencies

Please bring identification to the appointment, photo identification is preferred. Walk-ins are welcome at Support Circle.  However, we encourage you to confirm an appointment using our toll free number so that we can reserve resources for you. If time does not permit, you are welcome to Walk-in anytime and you will be served as soon as possible.

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