Planned Parenthood Plan B

I went to Planned Parenthood for Plan B but I when I didn’t get my period the next month, I was concerned that I was pregnant. I don’t have a lot of money because I can only work part-time as I attend school full-time. I searched for clinics that do free pregnancy tests. That’s how I found Support Circle in Redwood City.

I made an appointment and I went to Support Circle. They were very friendly and I felt at ease. I had a pregnancy test that came back positive. I was surprised because I went to Planned Parenthood for Plan B the day after I missed my period. The nurse explained that Plan B should be taken as soon as possible after unprotected sex because it is designed to work before a pregnancy can occur and will not end an existing pregnancy. I misunderstood and took it too late.

I was far enough along to have an ultrasound to verify and date the pregnancy. After the ultrasound, I was very anxious about being pregnant and my ability to carry a baby to term. When the nurse asked if I had any questions, I told her about my eating disorder. I was concerned that I would not be able to provide proper nutrition for a baby.

The Support Circle nurse was very patient and helpful. She explained proper nutrition and hydration and WIC (free Women, Infants and Children nutrition program offered by the government). I think WIC will help me out tremendously. She gave me nutritional brochures to take home and even invited me to call or come back if I need help.  I felt more relaxed and capable of making meal plans throughout the pregnancy.

I am so glad I found Support Circle after I went to Planned Parenthood for Plan B. It was nice to be able to receive the information I need about my body, my pregnancy and nutrition if I decide to carry to term. I would recommend Support Circle in Redwood City to any woman that is pregnant or may be pregnant and needs a pregnancy verification.

Planned Parenthood Online Appointment

I made a Planned Parenthood online appointment but was hesitant to return to Planned Parenthood. After graduating from college a few years ago, I went through a four-month phase where I drank and partied a LOT. I had periods the entire time. At one point, I was feeling sick so I decided to see a doctor at Planned Parenthood. Turns out, the sick was not from my drinking but from a pregnancy.

During the ultrasound, the Planned Parenthood doctor said the heartbeat was irregular and that he didn’t think the baby would have a normal life. He recommended I terminate the pregnancy. It was all a bit much for me to process. I went ahead and took his advice and had an abortion. I don’t believe in abortion and I didn’t even know I was pregnant. I have been dealing with the guilt and what-ifs ever since.

Recently, I missed my period so I went ahead and made a Planned Parenthood online appointment. I was so ambivalent about returning that I rescheduled twice. I confided in a colleague at the law firm where I work. She suggested I go to Support Circle in Redwood City. She said she had been to Support Circle and they were helpful and non-judgmental.

I’m so glad I went to Support Circle. Support Circle was able to do everything I wanted Planned Parenthood to do – but at no charge! They gave me a pregnancy test and an ultrasound. Marisa, my nurse, was able to help me with nausea. I’m keeping this pregnancy but it has brought up a lot of emotions. My patient advocate, Irene, has been helping me deal with the range of emotions from my abortion that have come up with this pregnancy. Irene is so kind. I wish there were more people like her in the world.

I’m glad I cancelled my Planned Parenthood online appointment when I found Support Circle instead. The Support Circle team is knowledgeable and helpful. They were able to help me in ways I didn’t expect. If you are pregnant, I recommend you go to Support Circle first.

Call or visit:

Planned Parenthood Clinic

When I went to the Planned Parenthood clinic in Oakland to have an abortion, the staff were friendly. I sat in the waiting room, my anxiety just kept growing and growing. I kept thinking, over and over: “I am going to have an abortion. I am going to have an abortion.”

I began to wonder how I got to this point in my life. In general, I am prochoice, just personally, I would never choose abortion.  Back when I was younger, I was so strong in my convictions. Now, here I was, in my junior year of college, sitting at a Planned Parenthood clinic, planning to have an abortion. The realization that my younger self would be so shocked and disappointed in me right now, made me cry. I had to leave.

As I was walking down the street, I saw a sign for Support Circle on the sidewalk outside a medical building. The sign said: “Pregnant? Unsure?” That was me.  I went upstairs to talk to the Support Circle people. The clinic waiting room was smaller than the Planned Parenthood clinic and wasn’t as packed. It felt serene and peaceful.

A nurse did an ultrasound to verify my pregnancy as I had not gotten that far at Planned Parenthood. I really was pregnant. She asked if I wanted to see the screen. I did. It was amazing to see this tiny little baby inside of me! At that moment, all the other stuff I was scared about in terms of my relationship with the father and school and money, it all just didn’t matter to me anymore. I knew I wanted my baby.

Before I left that day, I talked to the Patient Advocate. She was very kind and helpful. She listened. I never felt pressured or rushed. It felt like I was the only person that mattered to her for the time we met. She gave me information to help address some of my concerns. And then she told me I could come back and talk. I am so incredibly happy that I found Support Circle when I left the Planned Parenthood clinic. Deep down, I didn’t want to abort my baby. I just wanted someone to help me. I would recommend you call or visit Support Circle if you are pregnant and alone or unsure of what to do. I went to Support Circle and I’m glad I did.

Planned Parenthood Services

I had used Planned Parenthood services for many years. As a college student, I visited Planned Parenthood Mar Monte several times. I moved out of state for grad school. Recently, I returned to the Bay Area and suspected I was pregnant. I was surprised and disappointed to find that my favorite Planned Parenthood location had closed. It was during an online search that I found Support Circle.

Greg and I met in college. We weren’t sure if our relationship would survive long distance but we beat the odds. Greg proposed last summer and we moved in together to save money for the wedding. When I missed my period, I knew pregnancy tests and ultrasounds are common Planned Parenthood services. Instead of going to Planned Parenthood, I found myself at Support Circle. Support Circle’s location and availability worked better for my schedule.

I was pleasantly surprised at the warm welcome and inviting atmosphere at Support Circle. Their clinic is smaller than Planned Parenthood which made it more comfortable right away. The nurse was friendly and professional and calming. When my ultrasound showed the fetus was in one of my fallopian tubes, not in my uterus, she explained the dangers of an ectopic pregnancy without alarming me. I was able to go to a nearby emergency room right away. I’m so grateful they caught this in time.

It was great finding Support Circle when I was searching for clinics with services comparable to Planned Parenthood services. Support Circle’s staff were warm, inviting and knowledgeable. If you need Planned Parenthood services such as a pregnancy test or ultrasound or if you need someone to talk to about your pregnancy, check out Support Circle. You might be pleasantly surprised, like I was.

Planned Parenthood Hours

Planned Parenthood hours are 9 am to 7 pm, which are great, but I couldn’t get an appointment right away. I ended up finding a place call Support Circle that could get me in the same day.

Jay and I met our first month of college and have been together ever since. We plan to get married next year, after we both finish grad school. Last year, things were so crazy busy with finals and graduation and moving to the Bay Area for grad school. It wasn’t until it was time for a new NuvaRing that I realized that I had forgotten my ring that month. I was so panicked and was freaking out.

I decided to go to Planned Parenthood as they would know what to do.  The Planned Parenthood hours are great but I really wanted to get in immediately. The Support Circle Clinic had availability so I decided to start there.

The nurse at Support Circle was so kind and helpful. I had so many questions! Tasha took the time to answer all of my questions. I never felt rushed. The Patient Advocate was friendly and helped me to process the test results. Support Circle was what I needed right then.

In hindsight, I’m glad I found Support Circle when I was searching for Planned Parenthood hours. I got the help I needed from a very supportive team of professionals. If you think you are pregnant, I highly recommend the Support Circle Clinic. Call or text Support Circle today!

Planned Parenthood Abortion Cost

The Planned Parenthood abortion cost was at the front of my mind when I found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I want children someday, but not today. I am juggling two odd jobs and school. Conrad, my boyfriend, is having a really hard time finding a job in his field so he works at a restaurant right now. We live together to save costs.

When my period was late, I bought a home pregnancy test. I ended up taking all three tests in the box because I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been really anxious ever since. I keep trying to figure out how we could afford a baby. Babies are so expensive! I calculated and together, we would have $800 extra each month to take care of the baby. That’s if Conrad stays with me. Financially, I can’t do this alone. My relationship with Conrad has been really rough since he graduated and has school loans but no job in his field. He seems angrier each day. Sometimes he scares me. I don’t want to be a single mom. I want to be with Conrad. But if he can’t handle the stress of his job search, then he’s not ready to be a dad. I have so many concerns about having a baby with Conrad so I started looking for the Planned Parenthood abortion costs.

I am extremely thankful that I found Support Circle during my search. Claudia, my patient advocate at Support Circle was great!  She took the time to answer my questions and listened to me. It helps to have support to process my pregnancy. I even got to talk to a nurse too!  I know how much a Planned Parenthood abortion costs financially but I need to weigh the emotional costs as well. I feel relief knowing I can talk to Tasha again. I really appreciate Support Circle being here and recommend them to anyone, like me, who is considering an abortion.