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My search for the abortion pill near me began as soon as I suspected I was pregnant

I began searching for the abortion pill near me as soon as I suspected I was pregnant. I had just started an internship at a major tech company in the Bay Area. The nine-month internship would be pivotal to getting a good job afterward. It was a horrible time for me to get pregnant.

Before I could get the abortion pill near me, from everything I read, it looked like I would need a pregnancy verification.  Support Circle offered free pregnancy verifications without needing medical insurance so I went there. I didn’t want to risk anything about pregnancy or abortion showing up on insurance since my insurance is through my dad.

The nurse at Support Circle first did a pregnancy test and then, because of the date of my last period, she did an ultrasound. I asked her several questions about the abortion pill. She explained how it works and what to expect at home if I took it alone. She explained it in a way I found easy to understand. I thanked her for the pregnancy verification and medical information.

I’m thankful to the nurse at Support Circle for giving me a free pregnancy verification and the medical information I asked for. After I did further research on abortion options, I decided not to go through with it.

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Before going to Planned Parenthood, I went to Support Circle

I have gone to Planned Parenthood since I was 17 years old and planned to go there for an abortion. But my college roommate suggested I go to Support Circle Clinics for a free pregnancy verification.

My boyfriend and I had met at a frat party in freshman year. We took our time getting to know each other and by our junior year, we were in a committed relationship. Early into our senior year, Matt broke up with me. I was devastated and lost. I started partying more to get through the stress of senior year and our breakup. I had rebound sex with guys I didn’t even know. It seemed manageable until my period didn’t show up.

Cassie, my roommate, bought me a home pregnancy test. Just as we feared, it was positive. I was devastated. It felt like I had made a bad situation worse.  I was pregnant and didn’t know who the father was! I had to have an abortion. Cassie told me she had an abortion in high school.  She said I would need a pregnancy verification before getting an abortion at Planned Parenthood. I scheduled the appointment but it would be two weeks before I could get in. Cassie said I should go to Support Circle first for the pregnancy verification because they do them for free and take walk-ins.

When the Support Circle nurse did the ultrasound, she dated my pregnancy further along than I had thought I was. Based on the pregnancy dating, it was my ex-boyfriend’s baby. I was more confused and unsure than ever. It felt like a no brainer to have an abortion when I didn’t know who the father was. But to not have Matt’s baby, even though we had broken up, just didn’t sit right with me. I am glad the patient advocate was there to talk to. She listened and helped me to process my thoughts and emotions. She was supportive as I came up with a new game plan and even gave me suggestions on how to facilitate the conversation with Matt.

Matt and I had a long conversation and we are taking a little time to decide what to do next. I’m glad I went to Support Circle Clinics first, before going to Planned Parenthood for an abortion. I really felt heard and supported at Support Circle.

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I felt desperate to find an abortion clinic in Oakland

“When I realized I was pregnant, I was desperate to find an abortion clinic in Oakland. I felt trapped and that the only way out was to have an abortion as soon as possible.” This is what one of our recent patients said, whose real name and identity have been changed for her protection.

Oftentimes, women who are considering abortion are facing very difficult challenges. This is what our nurses and patient advocates are trained to do. Our professional staff come alongside women to help them process through these difficult challenges. Here are some of the life challenges that this young woman was facing when she came to Support Circle.

“My husband and I had been married for three years and had two-year-old twin daughters. The first pregnancy had been planned but the twins part was a shock. And, our younger daughter, Megan, having special needs, discovered shortly after the twins delivery was the hardest shock to adjust to. Megan requires a lot of time, energy and financial resources. Each week, she has multiple therapies in addition to dealing with her feeding tube and any appointments with specialists. It’s a lot to deal with. I feel like, next to Megan, I am the one most affected. But my husband couldn’t handle it and moved out of our family home shortly after we threw a first birthday party for our daughters.

At first, Keith refused to go to marriage counseling or family therapy. It seemed like our marriage was not going to survive. I started dating again. Then, to my surprise, Keith agreed to counseling and then moved back home. A few weeks later, I realized I was pregnant. I went to Support Circle to confirm the pregnancy and to find out how far along I was.

It was easy to get an appointment at Support Circle that fit my crazy schedule. I was a little anxious about having the ultrasound but the nurse was very professional and I felt relaxed. That is, until she told me how far along I was. It meant that Keith could not possibly be the father. I panicked. I told her I desperately wanted to save my marriage and I had to find an abortion clinic in Oakland immediately. The nurse explained my pregnancy options and the abortion process to me.

After the nurse, I met with a patient advocate at Support Circle who was able to help me calm down. She listened and didn’t judge me.  I was able to talk through my situation and felt like I had a better handle on things by the time I left.

When I found out I was pregnant with a child that was not my husband’s, I was desperate to find an abortion clinic in Oakland. I’m thankful for the calm, non-judgmental care I received from Support Circle during that difficult time in my life.”

If you find yourself in a similarly difficult situation, Support Circle is a safe place for you.

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Planned Parenthood Near Me

I was looking for a Planned Parenthood near me because I needed to confirm if I was pregnant and get an abortion if I was. My son and I had just moved to the Redwood City because I had to get us as far away from my ex-husband as possible.

When Michael and I met, I was young and had not dated many men. Thanks to my inexperience, I missed all of the warning signs. I misread his controlling ways for love and concern for my well-being. By the time Michael began hitting me, I had a toddler, I was no longer communicating with my friends and family and had I stopped working outside the home. Still, I literally didn’t see it coming. That was my wakeup call. I knew immediately that I had to leave him to protect my son. To make matters worse, I suspected I was pregnant again. I needed a fresh start, not another baby with him!

I scheduled an appointment at the Planned Parenthood near me for the following week. It was their first available appointment. The next day, I was going out of my mind. I had to know for sure if I was pregnant. I went in search of a free pregnancy test. That’s when I found Support Circle. I was able to make an appointment at their Redwood City clinic. I was a nervous wreck! The staff at Support Circle were so calm and friendly and welcoming that they started to put me at ease almost as soon as I walked in. Irene, my patient advocate, was easy to talk to. She let me tell my story and get everything off my chest. I felt safe for the first time in a long time.

The pregnancy test came back negative. Irene was said that if I don’t get my period in a week, I am welcome to come back and have another pregnancy test. The nurse shared some reasons why my period could be late. Really, it could be all the stress of the move and the last few weeks. If I go anywhere for a free pregnancy test, it will be Support Circle so I cancelled my appointment for the Planned Parenthood near me.  If you think you are pregnant, call Support Circle – they’re great!

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte

I went to Planned Parenthood Mar Monte to get birth control. I didn’t date in high school because my parents were very strict. My older sister had fallen into a group that did drugs. Instead of going to college, Laura went to rehab the summer before I started high school. I saw my sister go into a tailspin. I swore I wouldn’t get into drugs or party in any way. I tried to be perfect for my parents. I studied hard, got good grades and even founded an anti-drug group on my high school campus. I was torn between attending college close to home in Indiana or following my passion and attending college at my dream school in California. In the end, I decided to run far away.

Now that I am in my senior year, I finally felt like I could relax a bit and live a little. I met Jake at a coffee shop. We dated for a few months before things went farther than ever before. We talked about it after and decided that we would continue having an intimate relationship so I did the responsible thing and went to Planned Parenthood Mar Monte to get on the pill. The nurse said it was standard procedure to do a pregnancy test first. I was floored when she returned and said that I was pregnant. I couldn’t believe it.

Shock, devastation, fear, anger, sadness, excitement, embarrassment. Those are just a few of the emotions I ran through over the next few hours. On my way home, Jake called to confirm we were meeting up for dinner. I panicked. What would he think? Would he think I planned this? Would he be angry? Would he leave me? I didn’t know what to expect. I told him I wasn’t feel well. When I got home, I told my roommate what was going on. She told me about Support Circle. I called and made an appointment for the next day.

At Support Circle, I was able to meet with a nurse who answered my medical questions. I always saw myself as prolife until I got pregnant. The timing was so bad that all I could think about was getting an abortion. Carla, the patient advocate really listened. She felt safe and comfortable. Like I could tell her anything and she would not judge me. I had tunnel vision, thinking my only option was abortion. Carla helped me to objectively look at all of my options. As much as I wanted to just have Carla tell me what I should do, she was firm that it was a decision only I could make but she would answer any questions I had and provide me with information and community resources.

I like the Support Circle motto: Time, Space and Support. I really felt like they lived up to it. I’m glad I didn’t go back to Planned Parenthood Mar Monte. I recommend you go get help at Support Circle first. You won’t regret it.


Planned Parenthood Abortion

I was strongly contemplating getting a Planned Parenthood abortion when I found myself pregnant after grad school. I was just starting my career that I had studied, sacrificed and worked hard to achieve. It felt like my life was finally starting and then I was pregnant. Suddenly, my life felt like it was over. Or would be over if I didn’t have an abortion.

I had moved to the Bay Area to attend college. My mom had been in a sorority so I pledged. A lot of my sorority sisters had connections through their parents and were set after college. Not me. I had to study more than anyone else for four years so I could keep my scholarship. And I had to work as a caterer to make ends meet. I missed a lot of sorority events. But I could cook. They loved that about me so they kept me around. That’s also where, during grad school, I met Brad, the catering company’s newest manager. Somehow, I mysteriously missed the part about him being married until after I was pregnant.

Over the years, I had driven a few of my sorority sisters to get their Planned Parenthood abortions. I knew the drill. Only this time, they told me about the abortion pill that I could take at home. I was so surprised that I could take a pill at home and not be pregnant anymore. I wanted to look up what was involved with the abortion pill before I took it so I scheduled an appointment for the following week.

I went on to the Planned Parenthood site to learn more about the abortion pill. I got freaked out when I read that it’s normal to see large blood clots (up to the size of a lemon) or clumps of tissue when this is happening. Large blood clots the size of a lemon???!!! Seeing clumps of tissue??!! Absolutely not. That freaked me out so badly that I was more confused after reading the Planned Parenthood site than after reading the material they shared with me. I started crying.

I searched around some more online and found Support Circle. The Support Circle staff were really helpful, professional, full of knowledge and resources I didn’t even realize were out there. There’s a lot to think about but I feel better equipped, thanks to Support Circle. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found Support Circle. They helped put my mind at ease.  If, like me, you are contemplating a planned parenthood abortion, make an appointment to talk to Support Circle. They helped me and can help you, too.

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood for an abortion was the only option I knew to look for. My family had lived in Oakland, CA for generations. We didn’t have a great, long legacy of wealth, we had a cycle of teen moms. By age 16, every woman in my family was pregnant or had given birth. I was determined to break that cycle. And I did. Until my first year of college when I found myself pregnant at age 18.

I was enjoying my freshman year at UC Berkeley. ‘Study hard, play hard,’ was my motto.  Each weekend, I would take one night off to completely relax and unwind and dance. On one of those nights, I met a D.J. and we started dating. A few months later, I realized that I had not had my period. That’s when the panic started in. What if I was pregnant? The baby would be born when I was 19 years old. Teen mom. That’s one title I had struggled not to claim as my own.

As soon as I realized I was late, I called Planned Parenthood to make an appointment. I went to my appointment and waited and waited. Finally, someone came to the waiting room to tell us that they would not be able to see anymore patients that day. I rescheduled for the next available appointment a week later. In the meantime, I called around to see if a different Planned Parenthood could get me in sooner. No such luck!

I found Support Circle while searching for Planned Parenthood. I could get in the same day at their Oakland Clinic so I went. I needed a pregnancy verification to take to Planned Parenthood before I could have an abortion. The Support Circle staff were great!  Professional, friendly, easy to talk to. I had a pregnancy test and then an ultrasound to confirm and date my pregnancy. The nurse said I was definitely pregnant but the fetus was growing in my right fallopian tube, not in my uterus where it is supposed to be. She explained that an ectopic pregnancy can be life-threatening and helped me arrange to get to the hospital. Thank God Support Circle was able to see me right away!

I didn’t want to have a baby now, so I am relieved that, because of the ectopic pregnancy, I did not have to make an abortion decision. It was still a big ordeal for me emotionally and physically. My patient advocate at Support Circle has allowed me to talk through my emotions and thoughts surrounding my pregnancy and loss. I really don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found Support Circle. If you are pregnant, or think you are pregnant, I strongly recommend getting your pregnancy verification at Support Circle before going to Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood Appointment

I made a Planned Parenthood appointment to have an abortion when the results of three home pregnancy tests were positive. Positive as in pregnant. Not positive as in good news. I was a junior in college and the only one in my family to go to college. Family members in Samoa had chipped in to help make up the difference in tuition that my scholarships did not cover. Everyone was depending on me to finish college. I come from a close-knit Samoan family. I didn’t want to let them down.

My parents work hard to support me and my younger siblings. I live at home so I can help around the house when needed. My older sister and brother both have children and live close to us. My sister and her husband have three children under the age of two. My brother’s wife is pregnant with their second child. If I have this baby, he or she would have cousins to grow up with and that would be really nice. But the timing is off. I’m not ready to be a mother. I see what my sister and sister-in-law do for their children and I am so not ready right now. And I’m broke! Living at home! In school!!! Why couldn’t this happen next year or the year after or not at all?!

Nico, my boyfriend feels terrible but he wants me to have the baby. Nico is an only child and it is just him and his mom living in America from Indonesia. His mom was an only child and sent money back home until her parents passed in a car accident last year. He thinks his mom would be supportive of a baby and it might help her fill the void left by her parents. Nico went with me to my Planned Parenthood appointment.  He is very supportive but he is in college as well and has big student loans.

I confided in my best friend, Jaleesa, that I am so confused and torn and don’t know what to do. The Planned Parenthood people were nice but they focused more on my options to have an abortion. My boyfriend is more adamant about keeping the baby after the Planned Parenthood appointment. I told Jaleesa that I need someone to listen to me that doesn’t have an emotional attachment or financial gain based on my decision.  She gave me the number of Support Circle and told me to talk to them. She said the nurses can help with the nausea (it’s all day long, not just in the mornings) and answer my questions about my abortion options. Jaleesa said when she went there, the staff were really great. She said they listen and don’t judge. They don’t charge anything for their services, which is so amazing!

Jaleesa was right. The staff at Support Circle were really nice and supportive. It was good to talk to someone outside of my family, someone that could be objective and knows of so many community resources to help me with whatever decision I make. I feel like a weight has been lifted. I’m still pregnant and I have to make a decision really soon. But now I feel like there is hope regardless of my decision. Whatever I decide, I feel like I can handle it and the Support Circle patient advocate will be there for me even after I make my decision. I would highly recommend Support Circle to any woman who is pregnant and torn about what she should do. I only wish I had known about Support Circle before I made my first Planned Parenthood appointment.


Abortion in Redwood City, CA

Are you searching for an abortion in Redwood City, CA?  Let’s take it one step at a time. First, are you sure you are pregnant? Home pregnancy tests are usually pretty accurate but they can’t tell you if your pregnancy is viable or how far along the pregnancy is. Step one is to get a reliable pregnancy test from a medical clinic. And, if that test is positive, you can have an ultrasound to confirm and date the pregnancy.

An ultrasound as step two is important because sometimes, the pregnancy is not viable. If it is not viable, you may experience a miscarriage soon, naturally. In that case, you would not need to obtain an abortion. A second instance when a pregnancy is not viable is when the fetus is not in the uterus, where it should be. If the fetus is growing in your fallopian tubes, this is called an ectopic pregnancy and can potentially be life-threatening. The earlier you know if the pregnancy is viable, the better for your physical and mental well-being.

Step three is knowing how far along the pregnancy is. If your pregnancy is viable, you will need to know how many weeks gestation – often referred to as dating the pregnancy. This is important because your abortion options and pregnancy options are completely dependent on how many weeks gestation the pregnancy is. You could be farther along than you realize. The ultrasound allows the nurse to accurately date your pregnancy. You can’t make a well-informed abortion or pregnancy decision until you know how far long the pregnancy is. For example, if you are searching for an abortion in Redwood City, CA, your options change dramatically after 10 weeks gestation.

Whatever your final decision, whether you decide to have an abortion, place your child for adoption, or parent, you will need a pregnancy verification to obtain services. Time is of the essence so it is best if you can obtain the pregnancy test, ultrasound and pregnancy verification at the same location, ideally on one visit, or in two visits if you are too early in your pregnancy to receive an ultrasound procedure. The nurses at Support Circle’s medical clinic in Redwood City can provide the pregnancy verification, help you with your early pregnancy decision and answer your medical questions. They can even provide you with symptom relief from nausea.

A wise next step is to take a moment to consider who your support system is. Do you have a trusted family member, friend, maybe even a teacher or co-worker that you can discuss your thoughts with?  If you would like to sit down with someone who can listen and help you figure out who should be in your support system, or if you feel like you don’t have someone that you can talk to, come to Support Circle.  The patient advocates and specialists at Support Circle listen and can provide emotional support regardless of your final decision. As specialists, they can share community resources that you never even knew existed! They can help you process through your decision-making and can answer your many questions.

Support Circle can help with free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and pregnancy verification and provide emotional support while you navigate your pregnancy decision. Visit our medical clinic in Redwood City, CA if you are considering an abortion.


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Abortion – What if I decide to abort my pregnancy?

Abortion – What if I decide to abort my pregnancy?

What if I decide to abort my pregnancy?If you are reading this article, you may be pregnant and considering an abortion. Most women do not come to the decision to abort lightly. You may be concerned about your school or employment, housing, what your family will say, finances, etc. According to a recent Public Opinions survey, one of the biggest factors in women deciding on abortion is the relationship with the father. Women contemplating an abortion are often in most need of their friends, family, partner. Sadly, this may feel like a very lonely time for you. Whatever your reasons for considering abortion, at Support Circle, we are able to provide you with a caring, listening, non-judgmental counselor that can help you through this time and even in the months following your pregnancy decision.

Before going any further, first things first. Have you confirmed your pregnancy by visiting a medical office or clinic? Medical pregnancy tests can be more accurate than home pregnancy tests purchased at your local CVS or Walgreens pharmacy. After confirming your pregnancy, you may choose to have an ultrasound performed. Why? Ultrasounds are able to provide accurate dating of your pregnancy. This is important because your options are determined by how far along in the pregnancy you are. And, an ultrasound can go one step further to see if this is an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies are usually treatable with medication if discovered early but can be potentially life-threatening.

Medical Abortion

If the pregnancy is less than ten weeks from the date of your last menstrual cycle, you may be eligible for a medical abortion, also known as the Abortion Pill. Medical abortions are performed using two different drugs while under the supervision of a doctor, nurse practitioner, or midwife. The Abortion Pill is a drug called Mifepristone, Mifeprex, or RU486 and is available by prescription only. Mifepristone, when used in combination with Misoprostol, disrupts an existing pregnancy. Typically, during the initial medical visit, you will be asked to complete blood tests, an ultrasound and counseling prior to beginning the drug regimen.

The two-part drug regimen can only be obtained with a prescription. The first drug makes the uterus a difficult place for the fetus to remain implanted. The second drug helps to remove the fetus from the uterus. In technical terms, Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone that causes the lining of the uterine walls to shed and it softens and dilates (expands) the cervix, thus facilitating an abortion. Misoprostol, the second drug, is a prostaglandin that induces uterine contractions and softens and dilates the cervix. It is taken approximately 48 hours after taking Mifepristone. When these two drugs are taken in combination with each other, a medical abortion is complete approximately 97% of the time. A follow up visit 7-14 days later is very important to ensure there is no tissue left behind and that the abortion occurred successfully.

Some women experience mild cramping and/or nausea in addition to vaginal bleeding or spotting. The most common side effects of the Mifepristone and Misoprostol regimen include: pelvic cramping, vaginal bleeding, and spotting (including the expelling of tissue and blood clots) for an average of 9-16 days. It is also common to experience nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headaches, fever, chills, weakness and diarrhea. Contact your medical practitioner if you are concerned about the side affects you are experiencing.

Surgical Abortion

Depending upon how far your pregnancy has progressed, there may be two kinds of surgical abortion options available to you. Aspiration (also known as vacuum aspiration or suction curettage) can be performed up to 12-14 weeks after the start of the last menstrual cycle. It only requires one visit to a medical clinic. Typically, during that visit, you will be asked to complete blood tests, an ultrasound and counseling prior to the procedure.  A local anesthesia will be applied to the cervix to numb pain. You might feel some minor pressure but should not feel pain. The cervix is dilated (expanded) and the aspiration device empties the contents of the uterus. While the aspiration procedure only takes approximately 5-15 minutes, you will need to recover for about 30 minutes afterward.

For pregnancies from 13-24 weeks after the start of your last menstrual cycle, a Dilation and Evacuation (D&E) is the surgical abortion procedure available. A D&E is similar to the aspiration abortion. However, the cervix is dilated more and this procedure requires two or three visits. For the first appointment, blood tests, an ultrasound and counseling session are standard. Also on the first visit, either medication or fiber rods are used to begin to dilate the cervix. On the next visit, if your cervix is sufficiently dilated, the same aspiration device is used to empty the uterus. Additional instruments may be used to ensure the contents of the uterus are fully cleared. A local anesthetic to numb the pain and make you semi-conscious is often used. Sometimes, a general anesthetic may be used to put you to sleep, depending upon the medical facility. The D&E procedure is usually 10-45 minutes with at least one hour of recovery time afterwards.

Deciding to abort a pregnancy is seldom a decision made lightly. No one should pressure you into making a decision about your pregnancy. This includes the father, family, friends, counselors, etc. And sometimes, the greatest pressure comes from ourselves. If you would like to talk to someone about your decision, thoughts, emotions, or ask medical questions at any time, the caring counselors at Support Circle are available to listen and to provide non-judgmental emotional support before and after the pregnancy decision for the coming year. Our nurses can confirm your pregnancy test results, provide you with pregnancy verification and assist with dating the pregnancy during an ultrasound.

Call or visit one of our three medical clinics in San Francisco, Oakland and Redwood City. All appointments are confidential and free of charge.

Support Circle is dedicated to providing women with a safe place as they make a decision about their pregnancy and not to profit from any medical procedures resulting from that decision. For this reason, Support Circle provides information about abortion procedures to our clients, but does not perform or refer for abortion. We do not operate as an adoption agency.  We do not perform or refer for labor and delivery.

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