I found the morning after pill in San Francisco

I found the morning after pill in San Francisco when I thought I might be pregnant. I was so embarrassed to be buying the morning after pill that I rushed and didn’t even read the instructions on the box. I should have because I took the wrong thing and wasted my money.

Once I got the box home and had already taken it and was waiting for the results, I finally read the instructions. The morning after pill is designed to be used before you get pregnant to, hopefully, prevent you from getting pregnant by stopping the egg from releasing and making it difficult for the sperm to get all the way up to the egg in the fallopian tube if ovulation has already happened.  Turns out, I should have been looking for the abortion pill in San Francisco because I figured I was already pregnant.

Thanks to my research, I knew I had to get a pregnancy verification before I could have an abortion. A pregnancy verification from a medical clinic or doctor confirms that I am pregnant, that it is viable (not a pregnancy that is in the fallopian tubes for example), and gives the gestational age (how long have I been pregnant. I went to Support Circle as they are not far from my college. I made an appointment online so I could go between classes.

It was so much better than I expected!  The Support Circle clinic in San Francisco is in a tall building downtown that looks like an office or medical building. I could be going there for any reason. Inside, the staff were friendly and helpful. They were professional but made me feel so comfortable. The pregnancy test showed negative but it had been awhile since my last period so they did an ultrasound. Good thing, too! I was miscarrying and was able to go to the hospital to get the help I needed. If I hadn’t found Support Circle after getting the morning after pill in San Francisco, I could have gotten really sick or even died from an ectopic pregnancy! I am thankful to Support Circle for having accessible clinics and knowledgeable staff that helped me get the urgent medical care I needed.

Where can I find the morning after pill in Redwood City

Over the holiday break my freshman year, I visited my cousins in the Bay Area and found myself doing a search for where I could find the morning after pill in Redwood City.

My cousins and I were never really close growing up. They were always moving from city to city as my uncle was in the military. I was excited to go to college close to where my uncle had retired from the Army so I could get to know my cousins better.  When I arrived, they took one look at me and decided I needed to live a lot more than I had been. We were out all day looking at the sites and out all night partying. The night before I returned to my dorm, I had sex with one of my cousin’s friends that had been coming out with us all week.  It didn’t even occur to me that he should use a condom until I was talking to my cousin a week later and she asked if he had or not. I felt stupid but told her the truth. She told me to immediately go get the morning after pill in Redwood City where my college was.

I was so clueless, I didn’t even know where to find the morning after pill or what it was. I searched online and started reading about it. Support Circle had a lot of great information and explained the difference between the morning after pill and the abortion pill. What was most helpful was the information on the time frames each is designed for. The morning after pill, which can be found at the CVS Pharmacy or Walgreens Pharmacy in Redwood City, should be taken before ovulation and as soon as possible after unprotected sex, up to about five days. But the abortion pill must be taken in a medical office or clinic after a pregnancy has been confirmed. I realized that I had already passed the time to take the morning after pill. I clicked on one of the links to make an appointment with Support Circle to see if I was pregnant.

The ladies at Support Circle were nice and helpful. They explained the process to me and told me it was likely too soon to tell on a pregnancy test and too soon to have an ultrasound. They explained how stress and other factors could cause my period to be late and recommended I return in a couple of weeks. We had a really good talk about what support systems I have in place if the test comes back positive next time. I went home feeling better even though it was too soon to find out if I was pregnant.

I’m glad I found Support Circle when I was looking for information on the morning after pill in Redwood City. Support Circle’s website was a great resource for me and their clinic team was very helpful and took their time explaining so I could understand. If you are pregnant or think you are pregnant, I recommend Support Circle.

I couldn’t get the abortion pill near me so I went to California

I live in a state where I couldn’t get the abortion pill near me so I went to California.  We could not afford to have a third child and our marriage was falling apart so I decided to have an abortion.  I chose California because I have friends from college that live in the Bay Area that I could stay with.

The whole process to get the abortion pill was simple and easy enough once I got to the abortion clinic. It was a bit surreal. I was in a cozy sunroom overlooking the Bay while I waited for the abortion to begin so I could go back home to my family across the country. Everything was fine and manageable. Then it really started. I knew there was the possibility of nausea and vomiting and pain. I just didn’t anticipate the amount of blood and the extent of the pain. It was awful. I think I had every possible side effect including fever and chills. It took longer than expected so I had to extend my visit. I missed my kids and just wanted to be home but I couldn’t because getting the abortion pill near me in my state was not an option.

My friend was as supportive as she could be. She had a medical abortion when we were in college and was surprised at what I had endured after taking the abortion pill. We both thought it would be a simple process, like a heavy period and cramping and then I would be able to go home and resume my life. Neither of us expected it to take almost four days. And even then, I was still bleeding and very weak. I even went back to the abortion clinic to make sure I was okay to fly. In addition, since I was still so emotional, my friend suggested I talk to someone at Support Circle before I returned home because they offer emotional support after an abortion. I am so glad I took her advice!

I am very thankful for Support Circle’s compassionate care. The patient advocate at Support Circle let me talk and share how I was feeling and my reasons for wanting to get an abortion pill near me. She didn’t judge me for my choices and instead, was very supportive and helped me to organize my thoughts and sort out my emotions. I absolutely recommend Support Circle if anyone has had an abortion and needs someone to talk to.


I had an abortion in Oakland

When I was in high school, I had an abortion in Oakland. I was young and knew I was not ready to have a child. There was a Planned Parenthood clinic near my friend’s house so we went there one morning instead of going to school. Almost ten years later, I found myself wanting to know if I was pregnant again. This time, I was married and had a young daughter.

My husband and I met in college and got married our senior year. We had our daughter two years later. It was very easy to conceive and the pregnancy went very smoothly. About two years later, we decided we were ready to have another child and thought it would be just as easy to get pregnant and have a baby. While it was easy to conceive, I kept experiencing miscarriages. I wondered if it had anything to do with the abortion in Oakland at the Planned Parenthood years before. My doctor assured me it was not related.

The last time I was pregnant, I was scared to think about the possible baby I was carrying. I was scared that this pregnancy was not viable either and would end in yet another miscarriage. I didn’t want to commit any more of myself than necessary until I found out if the pregnancy was viable. It is just too painful otherwise. But I really wanted to know if I was pregnant.

I found Support Circle through a Google search on “pregnancy ultrasound confirmation” or something like that. I called for an appointment. As they are not open every day, I was told someone from the clinics would call me back – and they did, within one day. The person setting up the appointment explained that Support Circle does not do abortion referrals. Since I just needed to verify my pregnancy, that was fine by me. I wasn’t looking to have an abortion. They were very flexible so I was able to get in pretty quickly, based on my schedule.

At my appointment, there were two ladies: one did the counseling portion and the other, a nurse, did the medical portion. They were both very respectful and kind and explained their intake process and clinical process well. I did a urine test, followed by an ultrasound. My husband was with me and we asked to see the monitor. We were able to see the heartbeat, which was a huge relief for us. The nurse printed out copies of the ultrasound pictures and gave me a pregnancy verification document. The ladies sent me home with a small goodie bag, which was very sweet.  All-in-all, even though I wasn’t looking for an abortion in Oakland, I am thankful to the staff at Support Circle for giving me a very good experience when I needed to confirm my pregnancy. Overall, we had a great experience and would definitely recommend Support Circle Clinics.


I can take you to the abortion clinic in Redwood City

“I can take you to the abortion clinic in Redwood City.” I was stunned when I heard my boyfriend tell me he would take me to have an abortion. We had discussed the possibility of me being pregnant but we didn’t discuss what to do if I really was pregnant. He was the one that had come up with a baby name if it was a boy!!

Ryan and I had been dating for about a year when I missed my period. I didn’t think anything of it at first as I have missed my period before, like when my parents announced their separation right before finals week. My family seems to have the worst timing. When I started to feel nauseous, I still didn’t think I was pregnant because I was nauseous all day, not just in the morning. I figured it was a stomach flu so I went to the doctor.

My doctor did a pregnancy test because it was standard procedure, especially with a late period. She explained many pregnant women experience nausea all day, not just in the morning. The test came back positive. I think she figured I was pregnant but was trying to warm me up to the idea since I was so clueless. She asked me what I wanted to do. I told her my boyfriend was in the car and we would have to talk about it but I didn’t know. She had the nurse bring me some pamphlets with my pregnancy verification and paperwork. There was a pamphlet for an adoption agency and an abortion clinic in Redwood City, where I lived. Since I didn’t know what I wanted to do, my doctor suggested I make an appointment with Support Circle first. She said they would really listen to me and could help me sort out my next steps.

After Ryan dropped me off, I went for a walk and called Support Circle. They said I could come in that same day. I am so glad I went. I really needed someone who was listening to what I had to say, unlike my boyfriend. I was able to talk about all of my options. I had concerns about telling my parents and school. My patient advocate helped me to write down my thoughts and feelings and what my options were depending on what I decided. After the visit with Support Circle, I felt like I had control of my life and my decisions.

I am glad I went to Support Circle before I let my boyfriend just take me to an abortion clinic in Redwood City as he wanted. Support Circle took the time to let me think about all of my options and to make the best decision for me.


I had an abortion in Oakland on the advice of my Planned Parenthood doctor

I had an abortion in Oakland on the advice of my Planned Parenthood doctor.  A few months before that, I had moved to the Bay Area from Spain to attend college. My parents were very strict when I was a teenager. They wouldn’t let me go to any of the parties or dances my brothers were allowed to attend.  They said I had to be an example for my younger sister. It felt very unfair that my brothers could do everything they wanted to do. I didn’t want to be a role model. I wanted to have fun with my friends.  I decided I would go to college as far away from my family as possible so I studied very hard. I only applied to schools in America. I earned a scholarship and my parents could not argue with that.

Sometimes I felt a little lonely and homesick but I had been enjoying the freedom of being on my own for the first time.  I joined as many clubs as possible and went to every party I heard about. I went through a phase of partying and drinking a lot. Somehow, I managed to keep my grades up. Then, close to the end of my freshman year of college, I started feeling ill and decided to see a doctor at Planned Parenthood because it was close to campus.

I had been drinking so much, I figured it was a sickness from the drinking. And besides, I kept getting my period so I didn’t even think I could be pregnant. I was so shocked to be told I was pregnant! And then, it got worse. The doctor did an ultrasound and said that the fetus had an irregular heartbeat.  He told me that he didn’t think the baby would have a normal life so he recommended termination. I didn’t understand what he meant by termination. After he explained it to me, I decided to pay to have an abortion in Oakland.

I was very conflicted because abortion is not what I ever thought I could do.  To be honest, a part of me was a little relieved. I didn’t want to go home to Spain for the summer with a big, pregnant belly. I could just hear my parents say: “I told you so! This is why we kept you home. You are so irresponsible. Look at the bad example you have set for your sister.” It was a very hard summer for me. I felt so sad and guilty for what I did and more guilty for feeling relieved. I was so depressed all summer that I just stayed in my room and slept. I almost didn’t go back to America but I still had my scholarship. Focusing on my studies proved to be a great distraction.

Now, I am in my late 20’s and finished with grad school. I enjoy working at an art gallery in the Bay Area and dancing with my salsa group. I am pregnant again and I want to handle my decision-making for the pregnancy differently. I went to Support Circle because they offered free ultrasounds and were close to the gallery. I felt more empowered when the nurse asked if I wanted to see the ultrasound screen.  This time, I was able to process the information my Support Circle advocate shared and take time to make my own decision. My advocate was kind and supportive when I talked about the abortion I had in college. She made me feel better about myself.  I wish I had found Support Circle during my first pregnancy, before I decided to get an abortion in Oakland.


I went to Support Circle for an ultrasound before getting an abortion near me

Recently, I knew I was pregnant and decided to get an abortion near me. I needed an ultrasound to date my pregnancy because I wasn’t sure how far along I was and I wanted to know exactly what my abortion options were. A flier near campus said Support Circle does ultrasounds at no cost so I went there.

The nurse asked if I wanted to see the ultrasound screen. I told her I did not. She was great about it and didn’t pressure me at all. I started to tear up and had to wipe away my tears. The nurse was so kind and supportive of me. She was also very informative about my pregnancy and abortion options.  I was confident in my decision but I just couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down my face. I was embarrassed and confused as to why I was reacting like that.

When I met with the advocate, Irene, the tears just kept falling as I shared that I had an abortion my senior year in high school. Irene was so accepting and supportive of me without even saying very much. She didn’t have to – I just kept talking and talking. I told her that I had not spoken to a counselor or even cried like this over the first abortion. Until that moment, I didn’t realize that I could or even should get counseling or grieve my first abortion. It was an end or a loss so it makes sense that I should grieve it.  In all this time, I had avoided my feelings surrounding that abortion. It felt good to talk and to get it all out.

Then I talked about why I wanted to get an abortion near me this time. My boyfriend, Morgan, and I have been together for a few years but I just wasn’t ready to have a baby. Morgan knows I am pregnant and said he would be supportive of me and whatever decision I made. There’s been so much going on and I just can’t have a baby now. Irene was supportive and encouraging. I appreciated that she respected my decision. Irene told me she is available for crying sessions. I laughed and thanked her. She really was wonderful. When I left Support Circle, I told Irene that I wish there were more people in the world like her and the nurse and asked if I could have a hug.

I am thankful to Support Circle for giving me an ultrasound to date my pregnancy and explained my options before I got an abortion near me. They gave me the time I needed to feel heard, were supportive of me and respected my decision.

I found Support Circle in a Search for Abortion Clinics Near Me while on a trip

 I live in China and every year, my parents sent me and my siblings to spend time with our family in San Francisco.  I continued this tradition with my sons. I took a pregnancy test the day after we arrived and immediately began searching for abortion clinics near me.

My husband is not the man I thought he was when I married him. He said he was supportive of me working and pursuing my PhD. But then, when our oldest son was born, he forbade me from working and became physically abusive. I had tried to leave once and that did not end well.  Traveling to America with my three boys every year had been our only break from him. I absolutely did not want to bring another child into this world with him as the father.

I found Support Circle Clinics while searching for abortion clinics near me. Since I did not know how far into the pregnancy I was, I decided to go to Support Circle for their free ultrasounds. I was further along than I realized. The nurse explained that I would not be able to have a medical abortion, as I had hoped, and she explained my abortion options in California.  Before I left, I talked to the advocate and explained my situation. She shared community resources that were available to me as a non-resident.

My cousin works at a large tech company in the Bay Area. While I was still in China, she had told me of a position that was perfect for me and arranged for an interview.  A few days after the interview, I was offered the job.  This meant that I could legally stay in America with my sons. The new job, supportive Bay Area family members and the resources I learned of from Support Circle gave me the confidence I needed to finally leave my husband.

I am glad Support Circle came up during my search for abortion clinics near me. The ultrasound, abortion information and community resources I received from Support Circle helped me to make decisions for my life that I am proud of.

I feared disapproval of my decision to go to an abortion clinic in San Francisco

When I found out I was pregnant, I decided to find an abortion in clinic in San Francisco.  I don’t live in San Francisco. I don’t even live in California. The town I live in is very small and abortions are hard to get. Even if I could have gotten an abortion in my hometown, I don’t think I would have because I feel like everyone would find out.

There’s not a whole lot to do where I live and my college doesn’t have a football team so my friends and I all go to the football games at the big college nearby. During my freshman year, we were invited to a party after a game. I met one of the football players at the party and we talked for a couple of hours. We kept in touch between games. He invited me to sit with his parents after we officially started dating. It was great that first year until I told him I was pregnant. He was so mad at me and blamed me for getting pregnant on purpose. He said that if I had the baby, I would ruin his life and his career because he was on a scholarship. He even told me he didn’t think it was his and broke up with me.  Then I got a call from his mom. Mrs. Taylor had always been really nice to me but not this time. Let’s just say that I knew I had to get an abortion.

I was too scared to tell my friends or my family that I was pregnant. There was no way I could tell them I had decided to find an abortion clinic in San Francisco. They are really judgmental and I know they would have disapproved. I didn’t have a choice. I had to do this so I couldn’t listen to their negativity.  My ex-boyfriend’s mom paid for me to go to California for the abortion.

The day I arrived in San Francisco I went for a walk. That’s when I saw a sign for Support Circle Clinics. The sign said: “Not okay to be pregnant?” Well, that was how I felt so I went in to their clinic. I had just done a home pregnancy test but I had not had an ultrasound. The nurse did the ultrasound and explained what I could expect after I took the abortion pill. I had kind of done some research on the abortion pill before, but I had a better understanding after talking to the nurse.

There was a patient advocate and she was really helpful. She let me talk. I had so much pent up because I couldn’t talk to the people I knew about being pregnant. It felt so good to finally talk about how I was feeling without the fear of being judged. I told her the truth. That I really wanted to run away and have my baby but I didn’t know the first thing about finding housing or even how I would afford it. All I had was the money Mrs. Taylor gave me for the abortion and a little more that I had saved from babysitting. The advocate shared local community resources with me and was supportive of whatever I decided to do.

I’m so glad I found Support Circle the day I arrived to go to an abortion clinic in San Francisco. I was able to get an ultrasound at no cost. Most of all, I received nonjudgmental support and was given the space to talk as I processed my thoughts and options for the first time since finding out I was pregnant.



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My search for the abortion pill near me began as soon as I suspected I was pregnant

I began searching for the abortion pill near me as soon as I suspected I was pregnant. I had just started an internship at a major tech company in the Bay Area. The nine-month internship would be pivotal to getting a good job afterward. It was a horrible time for me to get pregnant.

Before I could get the abortion pill near me, from everything I read, it looked like I would need a pregnancy verification.  Support Circle offered free pregnancy verifications without needing medical insurance so I went there. I didn’t want to risk anything about pregnancy or abortion showing up on insurance since my insurance is through my dad.

The nurse at Support Circle first did a pregnancy test and then, because of the date of my last period, she did an ultrasound. I asked her several questions about the abortion pill. She explained how it works and what to expect at home if I took it alone. She explained it in a way I found easy to understand. I thanked her for the pregnancy verification and medical information.

I’m thankful to the nurse at Support Circle for giving me a free pregnancy verification and the medical information I asked for. After I did further research on abortion options, I decided not to go through with it.

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