Providing items for Care Packages and Baby Kits is one of the ways that our supporters can show love to our patients. A Care Package is a gift bag filled with stress-relieving items and is given to a woman during her initial appointment. A Baby Kit is a diaper bag filled with essential baby care items that is given to a new mom after having her baby. Call 510-569-1200 for more information or to arrange a drop-off of items.

Care Package

A Care Package is given to a patient during the initial appointment and has some of the following items:

· Gift bag (roughly 8X10”)

· Blank journal

· Box of tea (lavender, citrus, chamomile, ginger)

· Pair of fluffy socks or scarf

· Lotion or body wash

· Small candle

· $10 gift card to Amazon, Target or Walmart

· Preggie Pop Drops, 21oz (optional)

Baby Kit

A Baby Kit is given to a new mom after having her baby and has some of the following items:

· Backpack diaper bag to hold items

· Diapers, 1 small package, size 1

· Baby wipes, 1 pack

· Onesies, set of 3, long-sleeved, size 3-6mo

· Zip-Up Sleep & Plays, set of 3, size 3-6mo

· SwaddleMe, set of 2 or 3, size large

· Socks, 1 set, size 3-6mo

· Caps, 1 set, size newborn

· Mittens, 1 set, size newborn

· 1 Heavy blanket

· Muslin blankets, set of 3

· Cloth bibs, 1 set

· Burp cloths, 1 set

Gender-neutral items preferred.