Pregnant Women Considering Adoption

Pregnant Women Considering Adoption Support Circle has been fortunate to work with women in an unintended pregnancy who choose adoption as their final pregnancy decision.  We have found this population of women to be courageous, selfless and extremely contemplative about their decision.  As I reflect upon several women who chose to place their child for […]

Domestic Violence – How to do I know if I am in an abusive relationship?

How do I know if I am in an abusive relationship? Pregnancy and the hope of a new life can be heartwarming and a wonderful time. However, pregnant women living in domestic violence situations, pregnancy can be filled with fear, uncertainty and insecurity.   Domestic violence, also known as intimate partner violence, is often physical […]

Domestic Violence and Pregnancy

Domestic Violence and Pregnancy Fifty to seventy percent of women abused before pregnancy are abused during pregnancy.  The form of abuse can present itself as physical, emotional, verbal, psychological, sexual, financial and medical.  It can happen to anyone.  Domestic violence knows no boundaries.  It happens to students, stay-at-home moms, cashiers and corporate executives.  Women of […]


Pregnancy and STD’s, STI’s

STIs, STDs and Pregnancy Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are not fun or easy to talk about. It can be embarrassing to talk about STIs or STDs, but they are more common than you might realize. And, when it comes to pregnancy and STIs and STDs, it is best to learn […]

I was alone and found help

I was alone and I found a lot of help “I would like to thank all the people that supported us because if it wasn’t for them, I don’t know if I would be here right now. All the help that I got made a difference, a huge difference. I was alone and I found […]


HIV and Pregnancy

HIV and Pregnancy From the early days of the community learning about HIV, there have been a lot of questions and misconceptions about HIV. There have also been many advancements in the understanding of HIV and pregnancy. To understand how HIV affects pregnant women and their unborn child, it is important to understand what HIV […]

Support in the Field

Support in the Field While tensions pump through our airwaves, isn’t it nice to know a place that runs on respect and treats people with dignity?  The atmosphere across America is tense right now over racial tensions, gun control, terrorism, and immigration. Pregnancy is in the spotlight too with the Zika virus health concerns. And, […]


How do I tell my parents I am pregnant?

How Do I Tell My Parents I am Pregnant? Are you feeling nervous, unprepared, or afraid of telling your parents that you are pregnant? It’s easy to share news we know for sure our parents will be excited about. But other times, we are not sure how they will take what we have to share. […]

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Abortion – What if I decide to abort my pregnancy?

Abortion – What if I decide to abort my pregnancy? If you are reading this article, you may be pregnant and considering an abortion. Most women do not come to the decision to abort lightly. You may be concerned about your school or employment, housing, what your family will say, finances, etc. According to a […]

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Is the Abortion Pill and the Morning After Pill the same?

Abortion Pill

Is the Abortion Pill and the Morning After Pill the same? What is the “Abortion Pill?” Is the Abortion Pill and the “Morning After Pill” the same? The Abortion Pill and Morning After Pill are not the same medication and they each function very differently. This article is intended for informational purposes so that you […]