Abortion Pill Oakland

Use Caution When Searching for the Abortion Pill in Oakland I learned the hard way to exert caution when searching for the abortion pill in Oakland, CA. In the spring of 2017, I found myself pregnant. I was in law school and could not fathom how I could possibly meet the demands of graduate school […]

Abortion Clinics Near Me

In 2018, I was searching for abortion clinics near me when I found Support Circle. My best friend and I had recently moved to the area to begin school at Notre Dame de Namur. I was so busy starting college that I didn’t realize I had missed my period. My high school sweetheart and I […]


Abortion in Redwood City, CA

Are you searching for an abortion in Redwood City, CA?  Let’s take it one step at a time. First, are you sure you are pregnant? Home pregnancy tests are usually pretty accurate but they can’t tell you if your pregnancy is viable or how far along the pregnancy is. Step one is to get a […]

Abortion Clinic Redwood City

I asked my roommate to take me to an abortion clinic in Redwood City because if I showed up at home pregnant, my life would be over. I’m a Dreamer. My parents risked their lives to leave Columbia and come to America to give me and my younger sister a better chance at life. All […]

Morning After Pill in Oakland

Are you searching for the morning after pill in Oakland, CA because you recently had unprotected intercourse or think you may be pregnant? Many women in search of the morning after pill have questions. Some women think the morning after pill and the abortion pill are the same. There are many misconceptions out there. Fortunately, […]

Abortion Pill Near Me

When I realized I might be pregnant, I knew I couldn’t parent a child so my first thought was to find the abortion pill near me. I was still in college in the Bay Area and had my whole life ahead of me. I wanted to write and be a journalist. I wasn’t in a […]

Finding Morning After Pill Near Me

Are you searching for the morning after pill near you because you have had unprotected sex and think you may be pregnant? Women in your situation often think the morning after pill and the abortion pill are the same thing. At Support Circle’s three Bay Area medical clinics, our nurses are knowledgeable and can answer […]

Abortion in San Francisco, CA

If you’re considering abortion in San Francisco, CA, you’ll probably relate to Jennifer’s* recent story. At the time, the young professional was concerned about keeping her job, making ends meet due to the rising housing costs in the Bay Area, and she had concerns about the relationship with the father of her preborn baby. Jennifer […]

Abortion in Oakland, CA

If you are looking for an abortion in Oakland, CA, you may have a lot of questions and emotions swirling. Finding out that you are pregnant when you have been trying can carry a whole host of emotions you weren’t expecting – much less finding out you are pregnant when you were not trying! Take […]

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