I learned I was pregnant at Planned Parenthood San Mateo

After talking to the lady at Support Circle, I had hope for the first time since learning I was pregnant at Planned Parenthood San Mateo.

My search for the morning after pill near me took me to Support Circle

I’m glad I found Support Circle when I was searching for the morning after pill near me. They cleared up some of my misunderstandings about the abortion pill and the morning after pill. If you are pregnant, Support Circle is the best place to go!

Planned Parenthood Near Me

I was looking for a Planned Parenthood near me because I needed to confirm if I was pregnant and get an abortion if I was. My son and I had just moved to the Redwood City because I had to get us as far away from my ex-husband as possible. When Michael and I met, […]

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte

I learned I was pregnant when I went to Planned Parenthood Mar Monte for birth control. My roommate told me to go to Support Circle. Carla at Support Circle really listened. She felt safe and comfortable. Like I could tell her anything and she would not judge me. I recommend you go get help at Support Circle. You won’t regret it.

Planned Parenthood Abortion

I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found Support Circle. They helped put my mind at ease. If, like me, you are contemplating a planned parenthood abortion, make an appointment to talk to Support Circle. They helped me and can help you, too.

Planned Parenthood

I really don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found Support Circle. If you are pregnant, or think you are pregnant, I strongly recommend getting your pregnancy verification at Support Circle before going to Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood Appointment

The staff at Support Circle were really nice and supportive. I would highly recommend Support Circle to any woman who is pregnant and torn about what she should do. I only wish I had known about Support Circle before I made my first Planned Parenthood appointment.

Abortion Clinic Redwood City

My Search for An Abortion Clinic in Redwood City My search for an abortion clinic in Redwood City resulted in a visit to Support Circle’s clinic on Brewster. I needed an ultrasound to verify my pregnancy so I could get an abortion. Everyone I spoke with at Support Circle was very nice and helpful. The […]

Difference Between the Morning After Pill and the Abortion Pill

My girlfriend, Leslie, came to me freaking out because she didn’t know the difference between the morning after pill and the abortion pill. She said she took the abortion pill but she was still pregnant. That didn’t sound right to me. Also, I didn’t even know she thought she was pregnant so that was how […]

Morning After Pill Redwood City

Misconceptions of the Morning After Pill in Redwood City Misconceptions of the morning after pill in Redwood City are just as common all around the country. Morning after pill. Sounds clear and simple enough but there has been much debate and many misconceptions of the morning after pill. In order to debunk the misconceptions, it […]