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How do I tell my parents I am pregnant?

How Do I Tell My Parents I am Pregnant? Are you feeling nervous, unprepared, or afraid of telling your parents that you are pregnant? It’s easy to share news we know for sure our parents will be excited about. But other times, we are not sure how they will take what we have to share. […]

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She Matters. And So Does HE.

She Matters. And So Does He. At Support Circle, She Matters. And so does He. Support Circle offers tangible help by providing medical and counseling services where women can come to address their most pressing needs and fears when facing an unplanned pregnancy. We offer this to each woman because we believe She Matters. And so does He. Recent […]

She Matters, not just her decision

She Matters Not just her decision At Support Circle, She Matters, not just her decision. From the moment she contacts Support Circle, we want her to know that She Matters. That is why we offer her multiple ways to contact us on her terms. She can search our website, chat with a nurse or schedule an […]

Meet a Supporter: Lily Arbulich

Meet a Supporter: Lily Arbulich Support Circle interviewed Lily Arbulich to learn more about her and why she supports the organization. SC: What a great-looking couple! How long have you been married? Lily: Thanks. You’re very kind. John and I have been married for 42 years as of this August. We have two sons, ages […]

A safe, civil place in the midst of fear

A safe, civil place in the midst of fear Dear Supporters, So much talk in the media is driven by fear. Many of our clients, before meeting us, are driven by fear. She fears judgment, the future of her relationship, how her family and friends will react. She has financial fear, fear about keeping her […]


Period Tracker Apps and Fertility Tracker Apps

Period Tracker Apps and Fertility Tracker Apps Keeping track of your period seems simple enough. Sometimes though, keeping track of your period can be anything but simple. Smart phone and tablet apps (for iOS and Android) can make it easy for women to track their period and fertility. They can help predict your cycles and […]