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Support Circle Medical Clinics gives thousands of diapers during coronavirus emergency

Last week, Support Circle distributed more than 1,500 diapers to patients in need, due to shortages stemming from coronavirus hoarding.  And this week, we have another 1,500 to give out.  We reached out to over 100 patients and heard from moms who cannot find diapers or wipes for their children in the grocery stores.  We […]

Support Circle is Family – how are you?

Dear Supporters, I hope your family and friends are safe and well during these challenging times. Support Circle is family.  Your well-being and our patients’ well-being is our foremost concern.  We will be keeping in regular communication with you during the coronavirus emergency, both to encourage you and to provide updates on our clinics.  We’re all in this […]

I found the morning after pill in San Francisco

If I hadn’t found Support Circle after getting the morning after pill in San Francisco, I could have gotten really sick or even died from an ectopic pregnancy! I am thankful to Support Circle for having accessible clinics and knowledgeable staff that helped me get the urgent medical care I needed.

I had an abortion in Oakland

All-in-all, even though I wasn’t looking for an abortion in Oakland, I am thankful to the staff at Support Circle for giving me a very good experience when I needed to confirm my pregnancy.