Abortion Clinic San Francisco

Last year, I found myself looking for an abortion clinic in San Francisco, CA. I had taken a gap year after completing my college degree and before starting an MBA program. My dream had always been to travel around the U.S., following Route 66. So, when my boyfriend and his sister invited me to travel with them from New York to L.A. to drive her to school, I jumped at the opportunity. I had always wanted to see the Golden Gate Bridge, so they agreed to add a day so we could stop off in San Francisco.

When the road trip began, we were all very excited. As the days wore on, it became more and more evident, with each passing landmark that Eric and I were not as compatible as we thought. It started off innocently enough or maybe his sister didn’t really like me for her brother. Either way, she began to share stories about his youth that made me question who the man that I had been dating for six months really was. The stories of fights, angry outbursts and stints in rehab painted a picture completely different from what I had been told about why it had taken him six years to finish his degree at a different college than where he had begun.

I’m a strong believer in hearing both sides of the story. But, instead of rebutting the tales of woe spun by his sister, Eric laughed it off and made it seem like he was proud. When I asked him about it, that’s when I first experienced Eric’s volatile temper. By the time we had made it to the Grand Canyon, I knew I had to get as far away from him as possible. Except, I was not quite halfway through this road trip – we still hadn’t made it to California. And then there was the inevitable trip back home. Only this time, I would alone in a car with him. He had already left a bruise that I could barely hide from his sister by wearing sunglasses.

By the time we made it to San Francisco, I realized that the extreme exhaustion and nausea was also accompanied by my missing period. I had to know if I was pregnant. And I had to find an abortion clinic in San Francisco. There was no way I was going to stay with Eric for the road trip back home, much less have his child!

That’s when I found Support Circle. I didn’t realize how much I needed the warm, welcoming environment at Support Circle until I was sitting in their medical clinic, crying and telling them all about my road trip from Hell. They were so patient. I must have seemed like a real crazy woman. I was terrified of being in a car alone with Eric and more terrified of having his baby. The nurse was great. She gave me a pregnancy test that confirmed the pregnancy. Then, she gave me an ultrasound to determine how far along the pregnancy was. The patient advocate really listened to me. I felt cared for.

Support Circle provided me with all the medical information I needed to make a decision about my pregnancy. They even gave me community resources that helped me make a decision about my relationship. I felt like I hit the jackpot! I would highly recommend Support Circle to anyone who, like me, finds themselves alone and pregnant, looking for an abortion clinic in San Francisco, CA.