Abortion Clinic Redwood City

I asked my roommate to take me to an abortion clinic in Redwood City because if I showed up at home pregnant, my life would be over.

I’m a Dreamer. My parents risked their lives to leave Columbia and come to America to give me and my younger sister a better chance at life. All I ever heard growing up was how smart and strong and beautiful I was. How I would go to Stanford University, become a doctor and make my parents proud. The pressure to be perfect was too much. I needed a release. I started going to parties with my roommate. My grades began to slip. I was no longer the perfect A student.

When my period was a few days late, I told myself it was just the stress and all the late nights studying to get my GPA back up. After a week, I began to think about being pregnant 24/7. I couldn’t focus on much else. I kept counting and trying to figure out if it could be possible. Finally, I took a home pregnancy test. I got the three-pack and took all three at the same time. Pregnant. Pregnant. Pregnant!

How had I made such a mess of my life in just a few months? I knew I couldn’t disappoint my family. It was bigger than disappointment. It was betrayal. I had betrayed their trust in me. My only choice was to go with my roommate to get an abortion in Redwood City as it was close, but far enough away that no one would recognize me. I called to make the appointment but they couldn’t see me for two more weeks. Finals week!

My roommate took me to Support Circle in Redwood City so that I could at least get a pregnancy verification which would date the pregnancy. At Support Circle, it felt like I was talking to my aunt. A younger, hipper version though. The ultrasound told us that I had an ectopic pregnancy and my life was in danger. I went straight to the ER. I didn’t realize how risky ectopic pregnancies are until the Support Circle nurse calmly explained it to me. I am alive today because of the nurse at Support Circle.

Schedule your appointment with Support Circle for a pregnancy verification if you think you may be pregnant and are looking for an abortion clinic in Redwood City.