I found the morning after pill in San Francisco

I found the morning after pill in San Francisco when I thought I might be pregnant. I was so embarrassed to be buying the morning after pill that I rushed and didn’t even read the instructions on the box. I should have because I took the wrong thing and wasted my money.

Once I got the box home and had already taken it and was waiting for the results, I finally read the instructions. The morning after pill is designed to be used before you get pregnant to, hopefully, prevent you from getting pregnant by stopping the egg from releasing and making it difficult for the sperm to get all the way up to the egg in the fallopian tube if ovulation has already happened.  Turns out, I should have been looking for the abortion pill in San Francisco because I figured I was already pregnant.

Thanks to my research, I knew I had to get a pregnancy verification before I could have an abortion. A pregnancy verification from a medical clinic or doctor confirms that I am pregnant, that it is viable (not a pregnancy that is in the fallopian tubes for example), and gives the gestational age (how long have I been pregnant. I went to Support Circle as they are not far from my college. I made an appointment online so I could go between classes.

It was so much better than I expected!  The Support Circle clinic in San Francisco is in a tall building downtown that looks like an office or medical building. I could be going there for any reason. Inside, the staff were friendly and helpful. They were professional but made me feel so comfortable. The pregnancy test showed negative but it had been awhile since my last period so they did an ultrasound. Good thing, too! I was miscarrying and was able to go to the hospital to get the help I needed. If I hadn’t found Support Circle after getting the morning after pill in San Francisco, I could have gotten really sick or even died from an ectopic pregnancy! I am thankful to Support Circle for having accessible clinics and knowledgeable staff that helped me get the urgent medical care I needed.