I couldn’t get the abortion pill near me so I went to California

I live in a state where I couldn’t get the abortion pill near me so I went to California.  We could not afford to have a third child and our marriage was falling apart so I decided to have an abortion.  I chose California because I have friends from college that live in the Bay Area that I could stay with.

The whole process to get the abortion pill was simple and easy enough once I got to the abortion clinic. It was a bit surreal. I was in a cozy sunroom overlooking the Bay while I waited for the abortion to begin so I could go back home to my family across the country. Everything was fine and manageable. Then it really started. I knew there was the possibility of nausea and vomiting and pain. I just didn’t anticipate the amount of blood and the extent of the pain. It was awful. I think I had every possible side effect including fever and chills. It took longer than expected so I had to extend my visit. I missed my kids and just wanted to be home but I couldn’t because getting the abortion pill near me in my state was not an option.

My friend was as supportive as she could be. She had a medical abortion when we were in college and was surprised at what I had endured after taking the abortion pill. We both thought it would be a simple process, like a heavy period and cramping and then I would be able to go home and resume my life. Neither of us expected it to take almost four days. And even then, I was still bleeding and very weak. I even went back to the abortion clinic to make sure I was okay to fly. In addition, since I was still so emotional, my friend suggested I talk to someone at Support Circle before I returned home because they offer emotional support after an abortion. I am so glad I took her advice!

I am very thankful for Support Circle’s compassionate care. The patient advocate at Support Circle let me talk and share how I was feeling and my reasons for wanting to get an abortion pill near me. She didn’t judge me for my choices and instead, was very supportive and helped me to organize my thoughts and sort out my emotions. I absolutely recommend Support Circle if anyone has had an abortion and needs someone to talk to.