I had an abortion in Oakland

When I was in high school, I had an abortion in Oakland. I was young and knew I was not ready to have a child. There was a Planned Parenthood clinic near my friend’s house so we went there one morning instead of going to school. Almost ten years later, I found myself wanting to know if I was pregnant again. This time, I was married and had a young daughter.

My husband and I met in college and got married our senior year. We had our daughter two years later. It was very easy to conceive and the pregnancy went very smoothly. About two years later, we decided we were ready to have another child and thought it would be just as easy to get pregnant and have a baby. While it was easy to conceive, I kept experiencing miscarriages. I wondered if it had anything to do with the abortion in Oakland at the Planned Parenthood years before. My doctor assured me it was not related.

The last time I was pregnant, I was scared to think about the possible baby I was carrying. I was scared that this pregnancy was not viable either and would end in yet another miscarriage. I didn’t want to commit any more of myself than necessary until I found out if the pregnancy was viable. It is just too painful otherwise. But I really wanted to know if I was pregnant.

I found Support Circle through a Google search on “pregnancy ultrasound confirmation” or something like that. I called for an appointment. As they are not open every day, I was told someone from the clinics would call me back – and they did, within one day. The person setting up the appointment explained that Support Circle does not do abortion referrals. Since I just needed to verify my pregnancy, that was fine by me. I wasn’t looking to have an abortion. They were very flexible so I was able to get in pretty quickly, based on my schedule.

At my appointment, there were two ladies: one did the counseling portion and the other, a nurse, did the medical portion. They were both very respectful and kind and explained their intake process and clinical process well. I did a urine test, followed by an ultrasound. My husband was with me and we asked to see the monitor. We were able to see the heartbeat, which was a huge relief for us. The nurse printed out copies of the ultrasound pictures and gave me a pregnancy verification document. The ladies sent me home with a small goodie bag, which was very sweet.  All-in-all, even though I wasn’t looking for an abortion in Oakland, I am thankful to the staff at Support Circle for giving me a very good experience when I needed to confirm my pregnancy. Overall, we had a great experience and would definitely recommend Support Circle Clinics.