I found Support Circle in a Search for Abortion Clinics Near Me while on a trip

 I live in China and every year, my parents sent me and my siblings to spend time with our family in San Francisco.  I continued this tradition with my sons. I took a pregnancy test the day after we arrived and immediately began searching for abortion clinics near me.

My husband is not the man I thought he was when I married him. He said he was supportive of me working and pursuing my PhD. But then, when our oldest son was born, he forbade me from working and became physically abusive. I had tried to leave once and that did not end well.  Traveling to America with my three boys every year had been our only break from him. I absolutely did not want to bring another child into this world with him as the father.

I found Support Circle Clinics while searching for abortion clinics near me. Since I did not know how far into the pregnancy I was, I decided to go to Support Circle for their free ultrasounds. I was further along than I realized. The nurse explained that I would not be able to have a medical abortion, as I had hoped, and she explained my abortion options in California.  Before I left, I talked to the advocate and explained my situation. She shared community resources that were available to me as a non-resident.

My cousin works at a large tech company in the Bay Area. While I was still in China, she had told me of a position that was perfect for me and arranged for an interview.  A few days after the interview, I was offered the job.  This meant that I could legally stay in America with my sons. The new job, supportive Bay Area family members and the resources I learned of from Support Circle gave me the confidence I needed to finally leave my husband.

I am glad Support Circle came up during my search for abortion clinics near me. The ultrasound, abortion information and community resources I received from Support Circle helped me to make decisions for my life that I am proud of.