My husband told me to check out abortion clinics near me

My husband and I met when we were sophomores at San Francisco State.  After graduation three years ago, we decided to stay in the Bay Area while we both pursued our MBAs. Then I got pregnant with our daughter. Initially, I had contemplated getting an abortion at one of the abortion clinics near me so I could finish my degree. But Ken said he wanted to marry me and we could do this together. So, I put my degree on hold to care for our baby.

Things were mostly fine until two months ago when Ken’s company declared bankruptcy and closed their doors without informing any of the employees. Ken is actively looking for another job but he is freaking out because our savings are running low and we don’t have medical insurance. Ken told me to get an abortion. We have argued back and forth about it. He reminded me that we have our daughter because he stopped me from going to one of the abortion clinics near me back then. And, he said he didn’t see what the difference was. Now that I have been caring for our daughter, I know what we would be passing up and I want this baby. I don’t want to get an abortion. Ken is smart and talented. I know he will get another job soon and our finances will be fine again.

Support Circle helped when I was pregnant with our daughter so I knew they would give me a free ultrasound and pregnancy verification, that I needed to qualify for Medi-Cal services.  It was nice going back and talking to the patient advocate about our situation. I had so much bottled up but she listened and let me talk.

It was a surprise when the ultrasound revealed that I had miscarried. My patient advocate was able to help me to process my initial thoughts and emotions about the miscarriage. I’m so glad I found out in a warm, caring environment like Support Circle. It might have been a lot harder to deal with if I didn’t already have supportive people right there to talk to.

My husband took the news of the miscarriage harder than I thought. He had actually come around to the idea of having another child. Ken said he was glad I had gone to Support Circle, instead of any of the abortion clinics near me, because Support Circle really cares.