On my way to Planned Parenthood Mar Monte I found Support Circle

On my way to Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, I found Support Circle. My period was late so I suspected that I might be pregnant. I wanted to find out for sure. I knew I could do a home pregnancy test but I just felt like I would prefer to get an official pregnancy verification done.

At 23, I was back living at home with my parents. I had a college degree and crushing college loan debt that was barely being chipped away because I was working as a restaurant hostess. My father was on my case about what a waste my life was and my mom was always trying to control my every move. I went to bars after work to dance and drink my parent’s disapproval away. The thought of having to tell my parents I was pregnant was beyond unbearable. So, I avoided facing the truth by running errands instead of driving straight over to Planned Parenthood Mar Monte.

I noticed on a flyer that Support Circle offered free pregnancy tests and pregnancy verifications. When I drove past it, I thought, “Heck, why not?!” I am so glad I went in. Jackie was calm and reassuring. She listened as I told her how completely unsure how I should move forward. I wasn’t sure how I felt about becoming a parent or having an abortion. Maybe once I knew for sure if I was pregnant, I would be able to make a decision either way.

When my pregnancy test came back negative, I was ecstatic! I wouldn’t have to tell my parents I was pregnant and deal with all that would have entailed. It felt like I had a new chance to make my life right. After mailing graduate school applications, I went to Planned Parenthood Mar Monte for the birth control pill. Being in that terrifying position once was enough. I am so thankful to Support Circle giving me a free pregnancy test and for not being judgmental of me.