I almost always go to Planned Parenthood

Ever since I was 16 and first got on the pill, I almost always go to Planned Parenthood. This time, I decided to go to Support Circle because I saw a flier for them and their services are all free.

It was easy to schedule an appointment with Support Circle via text. When I arrived, the medical office was comfortable and the staff were friendly with me. I met with the nurse first. The nurse took a medical history and I shared about my previous pregnancies.

I felt mixed emotions about this pregnancy. I wanted to be happy and excited but I felt so much anxiety. My first pregnancy ended in a ruptured ectopic pregnancy (when the fetus does not implant in the uterus). My second pregnancy ended recently in miscarriage. I was so terrified of having another ectopic pregnancy. I could have died the first time if I had not gone to Planned Parenthood that day for an ultrasound.

The nurse was very understanding of my medical history. Since I did not have an official pregnancy verification yet, she had me do a pregnancy test to confirm I was pregnant. Then she asked if I would like to do an ultrasound to determine how far along I was and to see if the fetus was where it should be, in my uterus, not in my fallopian tubes.  I was so excited to see my baby had made it to my uterus and there was a strong heartbeat this time. All of a sudden, it all became real to me.

I had not allowed myself to think about next steps if the baby was viable. The Support Circle Patient Advocate met with me next. She was able to help me process these new thoughts and emotions. She also gave me some great resources to look over if I decide to parent this baby. I’m so glad I went to Support Circle instead of Planned Parenthood.