I am familiar with the abortion clinics near me

I am familiar with the abortion clinics near me because I have had two previous abortions. My boyfriend and I are undecided about what to do about this pregnancy so we came to Support Circle together.

My boyfriend waited while I met with the Patient Advocate and the nurse first. I was able to share my fears and concerns about continuing the pregnancy. My friends are supportive and even want to throw me a shower. Xavier told his mom and she is excited as this would be her first grandchild. Liam wants us to co-parent together. He has even purchased decorations for the nursery and is talking about investing or our child’s future.

Even with all of this support, I’m just not sure. I don’t think we are financially stable enough to have a child. We are both in college. Neither of us has a job lined up after graduation and we are going to have to start paying on school loans soon. There are so many reasons why I could go to one of the abortion clinics near me. It was good to be able to talk to the Patient Advocate and share all of my worries and fears regarding raising this child. The relationship with Xavier is hold and cold. I don’t want to bring a child into that instability. My Patient Advocate listened, was comforting and she gave me a list of resources that helped calm some of my fears.

I’m thankful to Support Circle for taking the time to meet with Xavier and me. The Patient Advocate listened to Xavier and even talked to Xavier about ways he can be supportive of me during the pregnancy. She recommended couples counseling as a place to verbalize our needs and preferences. We both felt heard and cared for. We have a clear path ahead of us and I feel in a better frame of mind to make a final decision. I’m so glad we went to Support Circle instead of to any of the abortion clinics near me.