Would Planned Parenthood have told me that?

After I left Support Circle, I wondered if Planned Parenthood would have provided all of the information I had just received?  A few years ago, when I was just entering college, I found myself pregnant. So, I did what many young women on the brink of starting their lives do, I had an abortion. Now, a few years later, I was unsure if I was pregnant.

Things are different now. I have been in a committed relationship with my boyfriend of three years. We are planning to get married later this year. Payne has already graduated and started working at a large financial firm downtown. It’s a lot of long hours and sometimes he works weekends, but I have one more year to go and it’s nice to be able to study without feeling like I should be spending time with Payne. When I realized I might be pregnant, I was going to go to Planned Parenthood again, but Payne’s sister recommended I try Support Circle. She went to Support Circle for a pregnancy verification last year.

It was easy to get an appointment that fit my schedule at Support Circle. The nurse that did the ultrasound was so kind and friendly. She made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I started asking her lots of questions about my pregnancy and about the differences between the morning after pill and the abortion pill. When I started talking to the patient advocate about my thoughts and feelings about this pregnancy, I started crying about the abortion I had years ago. The flood of emotions about that first pregnancy took me by surprise. She let me talk and I could tell she was really listening. I needed that.

By the time I left Support Circle, I was feeling better and felt so much more knowledgeable and better able to make an informed decision about my pregnancy. I don’t think Planned Parenthood would have been able to give me all of the information and emotional support I received. I’m glad my boyfriend’s sister told me about Support Circle. From now on, I ‘m telling everyone to go to Support Circle if they think they are pregnant.