I missed my Planned Parenthood Appointment

After I missed my Planned Parenthood appointment, I started looking for somewhere else to get the abortion pill. The last time I got the abortion pill, they said they had to do a pregnancy verification first. Support Circle does free pregnancy verifications so I was glad I could at least get that part of the process taken care of.

The Support Circle clinic is in a medical office building close to where I work so I made an appointment to go in on my lunch hour. Once I arrived, I explained that I had missed my Planned Parenthood appointment and needed a pregnancy verification. The staff was friendly and professional and made me feel welcomed. It is a smaller clinic than where I had my last Planned Parenthood appointment and that made it feel more relaxing and comfortable.

The nurse knew I wanted an abortion so when she did the ultrasound, she was considerate and asked whether I wanted to see the screen or not. At first, I didn’t want to but then I was curious, so I asked her to please show me.

I was so thankful to be offered a free ultrasound at Support Circle. I don’t know if I will still go through with having an abortion. I have been talking to the patient advocate at Support Circle about my conflicting emotions. She really listens to me and that helps. I made a new Planned Parenthood appointment for an abortion but I’m not sure what I will do. Either way, I’m glad I will have my Support Circle patient advocate to talk to. If you are pregnant and need a free pregnancy verification or someone to talk to, like I did, I would recommend Support Circle as the place to go first.