I went to Planned Parenthood by mistake

I was late to my Support Circle appointment because we went to Planned Parenthood by mistake. Fortunately, a lady at Planned Parenthood realized we were looking for Support Circle because Support Circle has free ultrasounds.

When my boyfriend, Mateo, and I finally got to Support Circle, I felt a bit flustered and out of sorts. The staff was so friendly and non-judgmental that they made me feel at ease right away. I don’t like to be late. I was extra emotional by the time I got there because Mateo got so angry when we went to Planned Parenthood instead of Support Circle

Mateo is really happy and wants me to keep the baby. I don’t know. I’m undecided. Right now, things are good with Mateo but sometimes he can be controlling and when he gets angry, it scares me. I don’t think I want that around our baby. But sometimes he can be so loving, like when we saw our baby on the ultrasound. Mateo was so excited when he saw the baby move on the monitor. It made me think that maybe I should have this baby.

I don’t know what I want to do with this pregnancy. I still have some time to get an abortion – not much time, but I have a couple of days to finally decide. I am thankful to Support Circle for the free ultrasound to see our baby’s development because we couldn’t afford to pay for one at Planned Parenthood.