Abortion Clinics Near Me

I found Support Circle when I was looking for abortion clinics near me. My husband and I just moved to San Francisco a week ago. We don’t have medical insurance here yet but I needed to know if I was pregnant for sure. Support Circle gives free pregnancy verifications so that’s why I chose them.

I took a home pregnancy test that said I was pregnant. I didn’t have any pregnancy symptoms so I thought that maybe the pregnancy wasn’t viable. One of my friends had an ectopic pregnancy so I was scared that I did too. I didn’t know how things work in America without medical insurance and thought if I found abortion clinics near me, they would be able to take care of an ectopic pregnancy.

The staff at Support Circle were informative and supportive. When the nurse did the free ultrasound, she showed me the baby was in my uterus, where it should be. She kindly explained that if I did have an ectopic pregnancy, I would have had to go to the emergency room, not to abortion clinics near me. I was surprised at how relieved I was that everything was healthy and fine. When I met with the patient advocate, she helped me to process the new set of emotions I was feeling. She also explained my options and how things work in America.

When I searched for abortion clinics near me, I didn’t think I was really pregnant. I am so thankful for Support Circle’s free ultrasound and the information I received that helped me to make an informed decision about my pregnancy.