I had an abortion at the Planned Parenthood Near Me

A few years ago, I had an abortion at the Planned Parenthood near me. I was at San Francisco State University and could not see how I could support a baby and finish my degree. I found Support Circle then and they were very supportive and helpful. I went through with my decision to have an abortion.

Now, I am out of college and in my mid-twenties. Things are so different from back then. When I missed my period, I told my boyfriend, DeShaun. He was shocked but happy. DeShaun came with me to Support Circle when I went back for the pregnancy ultrasound. We decided to go to Support Circle because their ultrasounds are free. The Planned Parenthood near me charges for an ultrasound.

It was so amazing to see our baby on the screen. It’s so tiny but we could see the head and the heartbeat. All healthy. I was smiling and DeShaun was smiling. I had been so worried that something would be wrong with it since my previous abortion.

This pregnancy was unplanned but we are excited to meet our baby. I am thankful to Support Circle for being here to show me my baby at no cost when an ultrasound at the Planned Parenthood near me was more than we could afford.