I learned I was pregnant at Planned Parenthood San Mateo

“You’re pregnant.” I was sitting on the exam table at Planned Parenthood San Mateo when I heard those words spoken to me. I was in shock. Maybe the lady was telling me about my medical options or next steps, I don’t know. I couldn’t hear anything else after those words.

I grew up in a small, tight-knit farming community outside of the Bay Area. Moving to Redwood City to attend Stanford was a big deal in my family and our town. I was scared to tell my parents I was pregnant because, up to that point, they had been so proud of me. The last thing I wanted to do was to disappoint my parents.

I decided I should have a better understanding of what my options were before talking to my parents. Because I was in such a state of shock when I was at Planned Parenthood, I hadn’t heard what the lady there was telling me. My roommate suggested I go to Support Circle in Redwood City because it was nearby, in the same medical building where she worked part-time.

The Support Circle staff were very helpful and took the time to ensure I understand my options. I learned a lot and felt better equipped to make a decision. After talking to the lady at Support Circle, I had hope for the first time since learning I was pregnant. If you are pregnant and need information about your options, I recommend Support Circle. You can call or text for an appointment.