My search for the morning after pill near me took me to Support Circle

I found Support Circle when I was searching for the morning after pill near me. I didn’t realize that I actually should have been looking for the abortion pill.

I called Support Circle because their services are free and close by. It was during the phone call that I learned the morning after pill is different than the abortion pill. I ended up going in to the Support Circle clinic because I needed to have a pregnancy test to confirm if I was already pregnant.

When I got to Support Circle, everyone was friendly and kind. I quickly forgot how dumb I felt for not knowing the difference between the morning after pill and the abortion pill. They explained how it is very common to mix the two up. They explained that the morning after pill is taken within hours of unprotected sex to stop a pregnancy from ever happening. But the abortion pill is taken after a pregnancy has already started.

When my pregnancy test came back positive, I then had to have an ultrasound to tell me how far along I was. Because I was 11 weeks pregnant, I couldn’t even use the abortion pill. The Support Circle staff gave me information to help me make my decision. Then they asked me something I did not expect – what did I want to do?

I started crying because not even my best friend had asked what I wanted to do. Everyone assumed I wanted to have an abortion. Even I assumed that would be what I should do. I had not stopped to think about what I wanted.

I’m glad I found Support Circle when I was searching for the morning after pill near me. They cleared up some of my misunderstandings and they gave me the encouragement and support I needed to make an informed decision. If you are pregnant, Support Circle is the best place to go!