Getting an Abortion Near Me

When I missed my period, I began to search for how to get an abortion near me. That was when I found Support Circle. I was in college and studying for my finals when I realized my period was late. At first, I thought my period was coming because my breasts were tender. But when it didn’t come, I took a home pregnancy test after my last exam. The test was positive.

I was devastated. I felt completely alone and lost. The relationship with my boyfriend had not ended on good terms at all. I was entering my junior year at UC Berkeley. My parents sacrificed a lot to be able to send me to college in America. Dropping out of college to have a baby felt like I was being so disrespectful to my family and all of their hard work. I didn’t want to think about how disappointed I was in myself. All I wanted to do was to find somewhere to have an abortion near me.

The Support Circle clinic is in a medical building so I felt less anxious about going inside. Once I was there, the staff was friendly and made me feel very comfortable. They did a pregnancy test and it was positive. When the nurse did the ultrasound, she couldn’t find the baby where it should have been. Finally, she found it in one of my fallopian tubes. The nurse explained what an ectopic pregnancy is and why it was important for me to go to the hospital ER right away.

About a week after I went to the ER to end the ectopic pregnancy, I went back to Support Circle to thank the nurse for saving my life. I was able to sit down with a patient advocate at Support Circle to talk about my feelings. Even though I didn’t want the pregnancy, losing the baby caused a lot of emotions I wasn’t expecting. It was good to have someone to talk to that I could trust.

I was looking for an abortion near me but I’m glad I found Support Circle instead. The nurse found my ectopic pregnancy early and now I can get the emotional support I need to deal.