I needed an abortion clinic in San Francisco

I stumbled across Support Circle when I was searching for an abortion clinic in San Francisco. My boyfriend and I had been arguing for months. We would argue and make up, argue and make up. It was a toxic cycle that I wanted no part of anymore. Shortly after we broke up for good, I realized it had been awhile since my last period.

Since I work downtown, I wanted an abortion clinic in San Francisco that was nearby. I was concerned that I was 9-10 weeks along so I needed my pregnancy verification and dating right away. Support Circle could fit me in that day so I hurried over. Their staff were professional, supportive and made me feel comfortable. That first visit was rushed because of my limited time that day. I went back another day, and talked more with the patient advocate. She allowed me to talk while she listened.

Going to Support Circle helped me to make an informed decision about my pregnancy. I would tell any looking for an abortion clinic in San Francisco to go to Support Circle for her pregnancy verification. I was glad I could text to schedule my appointment.