Planned Parenthood Pregnancy Verification

At Planned Parenthood, a pregnancy verification is needed to obtain an abortion. My boyfriend and I are students, struggling to make ends meet. It’s hard enough scraping together the money for the abortion. To have to come up with more money for the pregnancy verification was too much for us. I found Support Circle in Redwood City when I did a Google search for free pregnancy verifications.

It was easy to get to the Redwood City Support Circle and they have free parking.  Everyone at Support Circle was friendly. I felt at ease immediately. The nurse did an ultrasound and asked if I wanted to see the baby. I did not want to see the ultrasound but I am glad she asked so that I could choose.

I really just need a Planned Parenthood pregnancy verification so I can go get an abortion. My boyfriend and I are in agreement that we cannot have a baby right now. Both of us are in college. We don’t have a lot of money right now. Both my boyfriend and I are working low paying jobs and going to school. Maybe if this were a few years from now we would feel different.

I am thankful to Support Circle for their professionalism. I strongly recommend going to Support Circle to get a Planned Parenthood pregnancy verification. Make an appointment for the Redwood City clinic today.

Planned Parenthood Plan B

I went to Planned Parenthood for Plan B but I when I didn’t get my period the next month, I was concerned that I was pregnant. I don’t have a lot of money because I can only work part-time as I attend school full-time. I searched for clinics that do free pregnancy tests. That’s how I found Support Circle in Redwood City.

I made an appointment and I went to Support Circle. They were very friendly and I felt at ease. I had a pregnancy test that came back positive. I was surprised because I went to Planned Parenthood for Plan B the day after I missed my period. The nurse explained that Plan B should be taken as soon as possible after unprotected sex because it is designed to work before a pregnancy can occur and will not end an existing pregnancy. I misunderstood and took it too late.

I was far enough along to have an ultrasound to verify and date the pregnancy. After the ultrasound, I was very anxious about being pregnant and my ability to carry a baby to term. When the nurse asked if I had any questions, I told her about my eating disorder. I was concerned that I would not be able to provide proper nutrition for a baby.

The Support Circle nurse was very patient and helpful. She explained proper nutrition and hydration and WIC (free Women, Infants and Children nutrition program offered by the government). I think WIC will help me out tremendously. She gave me nutritional brochures to take home and even invited me to call or come back if I need help.  I felt more relaxed and capable of making meal plans throughout the pregnancy.

I am so glad I found Support Circle after I went to Planned Parenthood for Plan B. It was nice to be able to receive the information I need about my body, my pregnancy and nutrition if I decide to carry to term. I would recommend Support Circle in Redwood City to any woman that is pregnant or may be pregnant and needs a pregnancy verification.

Planned Parenthood Online Appointment

I made a Planned Parenthood online appointment but was hesitant to return to Planned Parenthood. After graduating from college a few years ago, I went through a four-month phase where I drank and partied a LOT. I had periods the entire time. At one point, I was feeling sick so I decided to see a doctor at Planned Parenthood. Turns out, the sick was not from my drinking but from a pregnancy.

During the ultrasound, the Planned Parenthood doctor said the heartbeat was irregular and that he didn’t think the baby would have a normal life. He recommended I terminate the pregnancy. It was all a bit much for me to process. I went ahead and took his advice and had an abortion. I don’t believe in abortion and I didn’t even know I was pregnant. I have been dealing with the guilt and what-ifs ever since.

Recently, I missed my period so I went ahead and made a Planned Parenthood online appointment. I was so ambivalent about returning that I rescheduled twice. I confided in a colleague at the law firm where I work. She suggested I go to Support Circle in Redwood City. She said she had been to Support Circle and they were helpful and non-judgmental.

I’m so glad I went to Support Circle. Support Circle was able to do everything I wanted Planned Parenthood to do – but at no charge! They gave me a pregnancy test and an ultrasound. Marisa, my nurse, was able to help me with nausea. I’m keeping this pregnancy but it has brought up a lot of emotions. My patient advocate, Irene, has been helping me deal with the range of emotions from my abortion that have come up with this pregnancy. Irene is so kind. I wish there were more people like her in the world.

I’m glad I cancelled my Planned Parenthood online appointment when I found Support Circle instead. The Support Circle team is knowledgeable and helpful. They were able to help me in ways I didn’t expect. If you are pregnant, I recommend you go to Support Circle first.

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