Planned Parenthood Services

I had used Planned Parenthood services for many years. As a college student, I visited Planned Parenthood Mar Monte several times. I moved out of state for grad school. Recently, I returned to the Bay Area and suspected I was pregnant. I was surprised and disappointed to find that my favorite Planned Parenthood location had closed. It was during an online search that I found Support Circle.

Greg and I met in college. We weren’t sure if our relationship would survive long distance but we beat the odds. Greg proposed last summer and we moved in together to save money for the wedding. When I missed my period, I knew pregnancy tests and ultrasounds are common Planned Parenthood services. Instead of going to Planned Parenthood, I found myself at Support Circle. Support Circle’s location and availability worked better for my schedule.

I was pleasantly surprised at the warm welcome and inviting atmosphere at Support Circle. Their clinic is smaller than Planned Parenthood which made it more comfortable right away. The nurse was friendly and professional and calming. When my ultrasound showed the fetus was in one of my fallopian tubes, not in my uterus, she explained the dangers of an ectopic pregnancy without alarming me. I was able to go to a nearby emergency room right away. I’m so grateful they caught this in time.

It was great finding Support Circle when I was searching for clinics with services comparable to Planned Parenthood services. Support Circle’s staff were warm, inviting and knowledgeable. If you need Planned Parenthood services such as a pregnancy test or ultrasound or if you need someone to talk to about your pregnancy, check out Support Circle. You might be pleasantly surprised, like I was.