Planned Parenthood Abortion Cost

The Planned Parenthood abortion cost was at the front of my mind when I found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I want children someday, but not today. I am juggling two odd jobs and school. Conrad, my boyfriend, is having a really hard time finding a job in his field so he works at a restaurant right now. We live together to save costs.

When my period was late, I bought a home pregnancy test. I ended up taking all three tests in the box because I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been really anxious ever since. I keep trying to figure out how we could afford a baby. Babies are so expensive! I calculated and together, we would have $800 extra each month to take care of the baby. That’s if Conrad stays with me. Financially, I can’t do this alone. My relationship with Conrad has been really rough since he graduated and has school loans but no job in his field. He seems angrier each day. Sometimes he scares me. I don’t want to be a single mom. I want to be with Conrad. But if he can’t handle the stress of his job search, then he’s not ready to be a dad. I have so many concerns about having a baby with Conrad so I started looking for the Planned Parenthood abortion costs.

I am extremely thankful that I found Support Circle during my search. Claudia, my patient advocate at Support Circle was great!  She took the time to answer my questions and listened to me. It helps to have support to process my pregnancy. I even got to talk to a nurse too!  I know how much a Planned Parenthood abortion costs financially but I need to weigh the emotional costs as well. I feel relief knowing I can talk to Tasha again. I really appreciate Support Circle being here and recommend them to anyone, like me, who is considering an abortion.