Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood for an abortion was the only option I knew to look for. My family had lived in Oakland, CA for generations. We didn’t have a great, long legacy of wealth, we had a cycle of teen moms. By age 16, every woman in my family was pregnant or had given birth. I was determined to break that cycle. And I did. Until my first year of college when I found myself pregnant at age 18.

I was enjoying my freshman year at UC Berkeley. ‘Study hard, play hard,’ was my motto.  Each weekend, I would take one night off to completely relax and unwind and dance. On one of those nights, I met a D.J. and we started dating. A few months later, I realized that I had not had my period. That’s when the panic started in. What if I was pregnant? The baby would be born when I was 19 years old. Teen mom. That’s one title I had struggled not to claim as my own.

As soon as I realized I was late, I called Planned Parenthood to make an appointment. I went to my appointment and waited and waited. Finally, someone came to the waiting room to tell us that they would not be able to see anymore patients that day. I rescheduled for the next available appointment a week later. In the meantime, I called around to see if a different Planned Parenthood could get me in sooner. No such luck!

I found Support Circle while searching for Planned Parenthood. I could get in the same day at their Oakland Clinic so I went. I needed a pregnancy verification to take to Planned Parenthood before I could have an abortion. The Support Circle staff were great!  Professional, friendly, easy to talk to. I had a pregnancy test and then an ultrasound to confirm and date my pregnancy. The nurse said I was definitely pregnant but the fetus was growing in my right fallopian tube, not in my uterus where it is supposed to be. She explained that an ectopic pregnancy can be life-threatening and helped me arrange to get to the hospital. Thank God Support Circle was able to see me right away!

I didn’t want to have a baby now, so I am relieved that, because of the ectopic pregnancy, I did not have to make an abortion decision. It was still a big ordeal for me emotionally and physically. My patient advocate at Support Circle has allowed me to talk through my emotions and thoughts surrounding my pregnancy and loss. I really don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found Support Circle. If you are pregnant, or think you are pregnant, I strongly recommend getting your pregnancy verification at Support Circle before going to Planned Parenthood.