Planned Parenthood Near Me

I was looking for a Planned Parenthood near me because I needed to confirm if I was pregnant and get an abortion if I was. My son and I had just moved to the Redwood City because I had to get us as far away from my ex-husband as possible.

When Michael and I met, I was young and had not dated many men. Thanks to my inexperience, I missed all of the warning signs. I misread his controlling ways for love and concern for my well-being. By the time Michael began hitting me, I had a toddler, I was no longer communicating with my friends and family and had I stopped working outside the home. Still, I literally didn’t see it coming. That was my wakeup call. I knew immediately that I had to leave him to protect my son. To make matters worse, I suspected I was pregnant again. I needed a fresh start, not another baby with him!

I scheduled an appointment at the Planned Parenthood near me for the following week. It was their first available appointment. The next day, I was going out of my mind. I had to know for sure if I was pregnant. I went in search of a free pregnancy test. That’s when I found Support Circle. I was able to make an appointment at their Redwood City clinic. I was a nervous wreck! The staff at Support Circle were so calm and friendly and welcoming that they started to put me at ease almost as soon as I walked in. Irene, my patient advocate, was easy to talk to. She let me tell my story and get everything off my chest. I felt safe for the first time in a long time.

The pregnancy test came back negative. Irene was said that if I don’t get my period in a week, I am welcome to come back and have another pregnancy test. The nurse shared some reasons why my period could be late. Really, it could be all the stress of the move and the last few weeks. If I go anywhere for a free pregnancy test, it will be Support Circle so I cancelled my appointment for the Planned Parenthood near me.  If you think you are pregnant, call Support Circle – they’re great!