Planned Parenthood Abortion

I was strongly contemplating getting a Planned Parenthood abortion when I found myself pregnant after grad school. I was just starting my career that I had studied, sacrificed and worked hard to achieve. It felt like my life was finally starting and then I was pregnant. Suddenly, my life felt like it was over. Or would be over if I didn’t have an abortion.

I had moved to the Bay Area to attend college. My mom had been in a sorority so I pledged. A lot of my sorority sisters had connections through their parents and were set after college. Not me. I had to study more than anyone else for four years so I could keep my scholarship. And I had to work as a caterer to make ends meet. I missed a lot of sorority events. But I could cook. They loved that about me so they kept me around. That’s also where, during grad school, I met Brad, the catering company’s newest manager. Somehow, I mysteriously missed the part about him being married until after I was pregnant.

Over the years, I had driven a few of my sorority sisters to get their Planned Parenthood abortions. I knew the drill. Only this time, they told me about the abortion pill that I could take at home. I was so surprised that I could take a pill at home and not be pregnant anymore. I wanted to look up what was involved with the abortion pill before I took it so I scheduled an appointment for the following week.

I went on to the Planned Parenthood site to learn more about the abortion pill. I got freaked out when I read that it’s normal to see large blood clots (up to the size of a lemon) or clumps of tissue when this is happening. Large blood clots the size of a lemon???!!! Seeing clumps of tissue??!! Absolutely not. That freaked me out so badly that I was more confused after reading the Planned Parenthood site than after reading the material they shared with me. I started crying.

I searched around some more online and found Support Circle. The Support Circle staff were really helpful, professional, full of knowledge and resources I didn’t even realize were out there. There’s a lot to think about but I feel better equipped, thanks to Support Circle. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found Support Circle. They helped put my mind at ease.  If, like me, you are contemplating a planned parenthood abortion, make an appointment to talk to Support Circle. They helped me and can help you, too.