Planned Parenthood Appointment

I made a Planned Parenthood appointment to have an abortion when the results of three home pregnancy tests were positive. Positive as in pregnant. Not positive as in good news. I was a junior in college and the only one in my family to go to college. Family members in Samoa had chipped in to help make up the difference in tuition that my scholarships did not cover. Everyone was depending on me to finish college. I come from a close-knit Samoan family. I didn’t want to let them down.

My parents work hard to support me and my younger siblings. I live at home so I can help around the house when needed. My older sister and brother both have children and live close to us. My sister and her husband have three children under the age of two. My brother’s wife is pregnant with their second child. If I have this baby, he or she would have cousins to grow up with and that would be really nice. But the timing is off. I’m not ready to be a mother. I see what my sister and sister-in-law do for their children and I am so not ready right now. And I’m broke! Living at home! In school!!! Why couldn’t this happen next year or the year after or not at all?!

Nico, my boyfriend feels terrible but he wants me to have the baby. Nico is an only child and it is just him and his mom living in America from Indonesia. His mom was an only child and sent money back home until her parents passed in a car accident last year. He thinks his mom would be supportive of a baby and it might help her fill the void left by her parents. Nico went with me to my Planned Parenthood appointment.  He is very supportive but he is in college as well and has big student loans.

I confided in my best friend, Jaleesa, that I am so confused and torn and don’t know what to do. The Planned Parenthood people were nice but they focused more on my options to have an abortion. My boyfriend is more adamant about keeping the baby after the Planned Parenthood appointment. I told Jaleesa that I need someone to listen to me that doesn’t have an emotional attachment or financial gain based on my decision.  She gave me the number of Support Circle and told me to talk to them. She said the nurses can help with the nausea (it’s all day long, not just in the mornings) and answer my questions about my abortion options. Jaleesa said when she went there, the staff were really great. She said they listen and don’t judge. They don’t charge anything for their services, which is so amazing!

Jaleesa was right. The staff at Support Circle were really nice and supportive. It was good to talk to someone outside of my family, someone that could be objective and knows of so many community resources to help me with whatever decision I make. I feel like a weight has been lifted. I’m still pregnant and I have to make a decision really soon. But now I feel like there is hope regardless of my decision. Whatever I decide, I feel like I can handle it and the Support Circle patient advocate will be there for me even after I make my decision. I would highly recommend Support Circle to any woman who is pregnant and torn about what she should do. I only wish I had known about Support Circle before I made my first Planned Parenthood appointment.