Difference Between the Morning After Pill and the Abortion Pill

My girlfriend, Leslie, came to me freaking out because she didn’t know the difference between the morning after pill and the abortion pill. She said she took the abortion pill but she was still pregnant. That didn’t sound right to me. Also, I didn’t even know she thought she was pregnant so that was how I found out Leslie was pregnant. A couple of years ago, when my high school girlfriend thought she was pregnant, we went to Support Circle and they helped us. I figured if anyone could figure out what was going on, it would be Support Circle. So, I made an appointment and took Leslie to the Redwood City clinic.

When we got there, Leslie was so nervous, she was shaking. The staff at Support Circle were so friendly and helpful. I could tell they made Leslie feel so comfortable because she released her death grip on my hand and her shaking stopped.

First, the nurse asked some questions and gave Leslie a pregnancy test. While we waited on the results, the nurse explained the difference between the morning after pill and the abortion pill to us both. Turns out, Leslie took the morning after pill the morning after she missed her period. She thought that it was the abortion pill and would end the pregnancy.

We didn’t know that the morning after pill is to be taken as soon as possible after unprotected sex to stop ovulation from happening in the first place. And it can make it more difficult for the sperm to reach the egg if ovulation has already occurred. You don’t need a prescription to get the morning after pill at a CVS pharmacy or Walgreens pharmacy. But the abortion pill does need a prescription. In fact, the abortion pill is a two-pill regimen that has to be taken in a doctor’s office or medical clinic and then you take the rest at home. The abortion pill is taken after the pregnancy to end it. That’s what Leslie thought she was doing but she took the morning after pill instead and that does nothing to stop a pregnancy if it already happened.

So, the morning after pill is designed to be taken before a pregnancy happens and the abortion pill is designed to be taken after pregnancy happens. Leslie said she kinda feels stupid now but I told her she’s not a doctor or a nurse so she shouldn’t feel too bad not knowing. Personally, I do feel bad that I got my girlfriend pregnant. I would never want to intentionally cause her pain or mess up her life and I did anyway.

Leslie and I have a lot to talk about and Julie at Support Circle is helping us talk it through to figure out what we want to do next. She’s helpful and knows so much more about all of this than we do. It’s nice to have someone to talk to that listens to us both and helps us to hear what each other is saying. If you ever think your girlfriend is pregnant or, like us, you don’t know the difference between the morning after pill and the abortion pill, you should go to Support Circle in Redwood City for help. We did and are glad we did.