Morning After Pill Redwood City

Misconceptions of the Morning After Pill in Redwood City

Misconceptions of the morning after pill in Redwood City are just as common all around the country. Morning after pill. Sounds clear and simple enough but there has been much debate and many misconceptions of the morning after pill.

In order to debunk the misconceptions, it is important to understand what the morning after pill is. The morning after pill, also commonly known as Plan B One Step, is a popular name for numerous brands of birth control pills that contain the hormone Levonorgestrel and are used for emergency contraception. These pills can be used to prevent ovulation and do not harm an existing pregnancy when taken as directed. In California, a prescription is not required to obtain Plan B One Step and most forms of the morning after pill.

While the term “morning after pill” indicates the pill(s) must be taken the next morning, emergency contraception pills are designed to be taken any time immediately following unprotected intercourse and for up to five days after. The failure rate increases the more time that passes between unprotected intercourse and when the pills are taken.

It is important to note that the drug manufacturers indicate that the morning after pill is most effective prior to ovulation because its primary goal is to prevent ovulation from happening. If ovulation has already occurred, the secondary goal of the morning after pill is to prevent the sperm from reaching the egg. Stop the egg from releasing and if that doesn’t work or if it is too late, then stop the sperm before fertilization of the egg can occur.

A common misconception is that the morning after pill is the same as the abortion pill. However, the abortion pill regimen is designed to end an existing pregnancy and induce a spontaneous miscarriage of the fetus, whereas the morning after pill is designed to stop a pregnancy from happening in the first place. The morning after pill is taken before pregnancy has occurred and the abortion pill is taken after the pregnancy has occurred. The abortion pill requires a prescription and several doctor visits but the morning after pill in Redwood City can be purchased at a pharmacy without a prescription.

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