Abortion Near Me

I am a middle-aged mom so I was very confused when I opened my computer to find a search for “abortion near me” in my browser history.  Then it dawned on me. My daughter’s cell phone had died and she borrowed my computer. She must have forgotten to close the browser tab. Was Ariana pregnant and looking for an abortion?

Ariana was wrapping up her sophomore year at college and about to start an internship at the firm where my brother worked. Not exactly the best timing. And, she was an adult. Even though she did the search on my computer, I wasn’t sure if I should say something to her about it. I didn’t want her to think I was snooping or judging her. I hoped she would come to me on her own. When I looked at the search results, I saw Support Circle on the list. I remembered talking to them at a local health fair a few weeks before.

Within a few days, Ariana shared that she had taken a pregnancy test and it had been positive. She asked what she should do. I don’t want Ariana to have an abortion but I know I have to let her make this decision on her own. Instead, I hugged Ariana and told her I loved her and would support whatever decision she made but I couldn’t make this decision for her. We had a raw, honest conversation. I was honest and told her that when I had opened my browser, I saw her “abortion clinic near me” search. I then shared about my abortion as a teenager and how I had wished I had known about Support Circle back then. I gave her the contact information for Support Circle and offered to go with her if she wanted me to. I wanted to be supportive of my daughter without being intrusive. She did make an appointment with Support Circle and decided to go with her best friend.

When she returned home, Ariana shared that the nurse at Support Circle gave her a pregnancy test and an ultrasound to date her pregnancy. Turns out, regardless of Ariana’s decision, she will need the pregnancy verification they gave her to obtain any services or procedures. She said the patient advocate really listened and gave her the time and space to talk and to think. When I told Ariana that she seemed more at peace, she said she feels hopeful for the first time in weeks.

Ariana is in the process of weighing her options. I don’t know what she will end up deciding but I’m glad Support Circle is here for Ariana. Finding the “abortion near me” search on my computer was not the end of the world but rather, it was the beginning of a conversation between Ariana and me. And, I’m really glad the staff at Support Circle are coming alongside Ariana to help her as she decides.