Morning After Pill San Francisco

I Was Looking for the Morning After Pill in San Francisco for My Girlfriend

In a panic, I was looking for the morning after pill in San Francisco for my girlfriend. Olivia had been on the pill for a few months but it had made her so nauseous, even when she took it at night time, that she stopped taking it. She was using a period tracker app until she could get in to see her OB/GYN for an IUD.  Everything was fine until Olivia looked at her phone and started freaking out. She said she thought we were in the safe zone but when she looked at the app the next day, she realized she was in the fertile zone!

I did my best to calm Olivia down. Inside, I was freaking out! I needed to be calmed down but had to take care of her first. Sure, I wanted to have kids with her someday but not today! It was the worst timing possible.  Literally, the worst timing.  We would be ruined financially forever if she was pregnant. I was studying to write the California Bar Exam and was Olivia only in her first year of law school. She was scared that if she was pregnant, her parents, back home in Singapore, would stop paying for school and her apartment – like they did with her older sister when she changed her major from pre-med to theater.  A baby? They would disown her over a baby. Babies are expensive and I only had two more months until I had to start repaying my school loans.

Immediately, I got on my Mac and started searching for all the information I could find on the morning after pill in San Francisco.  I found a CVS pharmacy nearby that had the Plan B One Step morning after pill. If it worked, it would be worth the $50. Thing is, I wasn’t sure it would work. But I didn’t dare tell Olivia that! She was already in a state of panic.

The morning after pill is designed to work BEFORE a woman ovulates to stop ovulation. And, if she does ovulate, it makes the environment less conducive for the sperm to travel to meet the egg.  Unlike the abortion pill, the morning after pill will not end an existing pregnancy. We were beyond the ovulation stage. I was hoping and praying the morning after pill would do its job and stop my swimmers from meeting her egg. Olivia was able to relax and chill.

A few weeks later and Olivia’s period was late. I was afraid of this happening.  When I had searched for the morning after pill, I also searched for abortion clinics. The name Support Circle came up and I had saved it, just in case. I took Olivia to Support Circle for a pregnancy verification. They did a urine test that came back positive. Olivia was pregnant. It suddenly felt like everything was happening in slow motion to someone else.  The nurse was great. She set a follow up appointment because it was too early to do an ultrasound. The patient advocate that talked to us was great. She reassured both of us and treated me like I had every right to be there. I’m looking forward to our next appointment.

I highly recommend Support Circle if, like me, you started off looking for the morning after pill in San Francisco for your girlfriend and it turns out she is pregnant.