Abortion Pill Oakland

Use Caution When Searching for the Abortion Pill in Oakland

I learned the hard way to exert caution when searching for the abortion pill in Oakland, CA. In the spring of 2017, I found myself pregnant. I was in law school and could not fathom how I could possibly meet the demands of graduate school with a baby.

My parents sent me to America from China to study international financial law because they felt it would guarantee me a good job when I returned home to Beijing. The oldest of two children, I was expected to excel at all that I did. I was living with my aunt in Oakland while attending U.C. Berkeley. My aunt had never had children and was very rigid in her approach to life. I knew there was no way my aunt would embrace me and a baby. I felt an abortion was my only option.

While searching for the abortion clinics online, I saw several ads pop up for the abortion pill. I could order the abortion pill and have it mailed to me for less money than a surgical abortion. Based on the reviews, they seemed legit. Besides, all of the abortion clinics in Oakland wanted me to go in for a pregnancy test and ultrasound and I had to take the first pill of the two-pill regimen in the clinic. On top of that, I couldn’t even get an appointment at an abortion clinic in Oakland for two weeks!

The online pharmacy required a pregnancy verification as proof that I was pregnant. I was thrilled when I found Support Circle because they were able to get me in within a day or so. The nurse at Support Circle was nice. She did a pregnancy test with a medical grade test to see if I really was pregnant.  When that came back positive, she did an ultrasound to date the pregnancy and to make sure the pregnancy was viable and not ectopic.  I was at eight weeks gestation.

Everyone at Support Circle was professional and kind. They really listened to me and seemed to genuinely want to help. At that time, I just wanted to get the abortion pill, have an abortion and get on with my life without my family knowing I was ever pregnant. Once I uploaded my pregnancy verification to the online abortion pill site, I received my abortion pill regimen within a week.

I took the pills as soon as they arrived because I was l almost at the 10-week point.  After 10 weeks, the FDA has not approved the use of the abortion pill. The process was far more intense than I had expected. I didn’t realize the side effects would be so difficult. I expected some pain and nausea but it was so bad, my aunt almost called the ambulance. Of course, I couldn’t let that happen. So, I pretended everything was okay and that I was recovering from the “flu.”

Two weeks later, I was still feeling nauseous every day. I knew something was wrong. I went to my doctor who informed me that I was still pregnant. The “abortion pills” I had purchased online did nothing to end my pregnancy. Now, my options were more limited because I was 12 weeks pregnant. I was devastated. I felt completely alone and didn’t know where to turn.

Because they had been very helpful the first time, I went back to Support Circle to talk to my patient advocate. I was so emotional and distraught. She was so wonderful and supportive that it was almost like talking to my best friend. My patient advocate came alongside me as I figured out my next steps and shared community resources that I had no clue existed.

I won’t tell you all that happened afterward but I wanted to show my gratitude to my patient advocate for all of her care and concern. I can’t thank my Support Circle patient advocate enough. She was there for me. I would recommend someone call Support Circle FIRST if they are alone and pregnant and looking for the abortion pill in Oakland, like I was.