Abortion Pill Near Me

When I realized I might be pregnant, I knew I couldn’t parent a child so my first thought was to find the abortion pill near me. I was still in college in the Bay Area and had my whole life ahead of me. I wanted to write and be a journalist. I wasn’t in a relationship and spent more time studying than dating.  I felt like I had missed the whole college experience because I spent most of it studying to maintain my scholarship and to get into graduate school at UC Berkeley. So, when my roommate invited me to a party at a neighboring college, I agreed.

I’ve always seen myself as a good, Christian girl. Needless to say, I surprised myself when I hooked up with a guy that was kind and talked to me all night.  When he asked for my number, I made one up so I wouldn’t be distracted from studying. The next day, I panicked and took the morning after pill. I figured I was safe because I took it, you know, “the morning after.” What I didn’t know was that the morning after pill works best if taken before ovulation begins. I was a few days too late for that.

Here I was, about to graduate, trying to study to keep my GPA and dealing with constant nausea because I was pregnant by a guy whose name I wasn’t even sure of and who couldn’t even reach me if he tried. I found myself searching for the abortion pill near me.

My journalist instincts kicked in. I began to research the morning after pill and the abortion pill. That’s when I learned that the morning after pill is more likely to work if taken before ovulation because it is designed to stop ovulation. While I knew the abortion pill requires a prescription, I learned that it is actually a two-drug regimen that begins in the doctor’s office or clinic and is completed at home. I also learned that it is referred to as a medical abortion and can only be performed on pregnancies less than 10 weeks, that a pregnancy verification is required before the drugs can be prescribed and that some of the side effects could be more than I bargained for. I was surprised to learn that I don’t just take the pill and be done. There is a follow up appointment required a few weeks later. The process was much more involved than I had anticipated.

I went to Support Circle to obtain a pregnancy verification for free. A pregnancy verification is completed with an ultrasound to confirm the viability and date the pregnancy. Viability means that it is an actual pregnancy and is in the uterus, not an ectopic (in the fallopian tubes) pregnancy. I learned that pregnancy dating is important because that’s what determines what options are available to me. The nurses were friendly and professional. They didn’t judge me for not knowing who the father was. I was so glad to learn that the visit was free. If, like me, you are Googling where to get the abortion pill near me, I highly recommend making an appointment with a Support Circle Medical Clinic for your pregnancy verification.