Abortion in San Francisco, CA

If you’re considering abortion in San Francisco, CA, you’ll probably relate to Jennifer’s* recent story. At the time, the young professional was concerned about keeping her job, making ends meet due to the rising housing costs in the Bay Area, and she had concerns about the relationship with the father of her preborn baby. Jennifer had concerns very common among women considering abortion. The staff at Support Circle help women like Jennifer every day. Our supportive and attentive team of professionals specialize in providing early pregnancy decision-making services.

Between her company’s year-end tasks and an unexpected break up with her boyfriend, it was four weeks after her missed period before Jennifer even realized her period was late. She immediately decided to have an abortion. A quick search provided the names of several abortion clinics and pregnancy centers in San Francisco. Jennifer liked that Support Circle offered “Time, Space and Support.” She made an appointment and left work a few minutes early to walk to our Sutter Street location. She was relieved to see that our clinic is located in a large medical building that is very discreet due to the many types of medical practices located there.

Once inside our clinic, one of our nurses gave Jennifer a pregnancy test and then a free ultrasound to verify and date the pregnancy and to determine if the pregnancy was viable. The nurse explained that verification and dating was the first step to know all of the available options and to make her decision.

Jennifer shared with her patient advocate that she had been nervous and stressed all day at work, wondering if she was pregnant. Based on her fears and concerns, she considered getting an abortion in San Francisco as her only option. Just a few years out of college, Jennifer was barely making ends meet, even though she had been promoted twice. She couldn’t see how she could possibly afford diapers and childcare on her current budget. Family babysitting was not an option because Jennifer, like so many who live in the Bay Area, had moved here to attend college but remained nearby her alma mater, UC Berkeley.

The father of the baby had suddenly ended the relationship about a month earlier. Since he had not responded to any of Jennifer’s texts seeking closure and blocked her on social media, Jennifer had no way of getting in touch with him. All of Jennifer’s friends were hard at work on their new career tracks. She didn’t think her friends would be understanding or supportive of her pregnancy. Jennifer felt completely alone and without any other option than to go through with an abortion.

The patient advocate took the time to explain all of Jennifer’s options. At Support Circle, we are committed to helping women unearth those things that are perhaps blocking them from making a decision. We want each patient to feel special and unique because every individual who walks through that door, from our perspective, is special and unique.

Jennifer was surprised to learn of the many community resources available to her. With this new information, Jennifer said she felt better informed about her body and felt empowered to make the decision that was right for her and her pregnancy. If you are considering abortion in San Francisco, CA and need a pregnancy verification, a consultation with a nurse, or just to talk, please contact Support Circle’s team of caring professionals today.

*Real name not used to protect patient privacy


Abortion in Oakland, CA

If you are looking for an abortion in Oakland, CA, you may have a lot of questions and emotions swirling. Finding out that you are pregnant when you have been trying can carry a whole host of emotions you weren’t expecting – much less finding out you are pregnant when you were not trying!

Take a deep breath. When we focus on controlling our breathing it helps us to take time to get oxygen to our brains and our bodies but it also helps us to slow things down. Take a moment to just relax. Focus on relaxing your entire body from head to toe.

Now that you are relaxed, give yourself the gift of time, space and support to make this decision. Most people don’t do that when they get into a stressful situation or an emergency. They make decisions that are reactionary, made out of survival or crisis mode thinking, which they sometimes regret afterward. Those tend to be the decisions that are not well thought out. In stressful situations, if you get tunnel vision, you might not look at the bigger picture. This can prevent you from seeing options and strategies available to you. By giving yourself the gift of time, space and support, you will often make better decisions that you can be comfortable with long-term.

Tunnel vision will not only affect your ultimate decision on whether to carry the baby to term, place for adoption or get an abortion in Oakland, but it will also affect smaller and mundane decisions and actions you take over the coming weeks.  Tunnel vision affects how you interact with the people closest to you in your life, who are the ones who may help you find your best way forward. You may be hyper-focused on this one decision but there are a thousand other decisions that this affects. That’s why it is so important to give yourself the time and space to think clearly and calmly.

Take a moment to consider who your support system is. Who can you trust? It could be a family member, a friend, maybe even a teacher or co-worker.  If you’d like to sit down with someone who can listen and help you figure out who should be in your support system, or if you feel like you don’t have someone in your close circle that you can talk to, come to Support Circle.  The patient advocates and specialists at Support Circle medical clinics can explain all of your options in easy to understand language. They listen and can provide emotional support regardless of your final decision. As professionals, they can share community resources that you never even knew existed! Whether you decide to parent, make an adoption plan for your child, or have an abortion, it feels good to talk to someone who understands, who can help you process through your decision-making and can answer your many questions.

You don’t have to feel alone and stressed if you are looking for an abortion in Oakland, CA. Support Circle is here to help you navigate your pregnancy decision.

Disclaimer: Support Circle is a safe place free of pressure.  We provide early pregnancy and decision-making services, but do not provide or refer for labor, delivery or abortion.