5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Medical Clinics for Unplanned Pregnancies


5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Medical Clinics for Unplanned Pregnancies

All of Support Circle’s services are provided free of charge to our clients thanks to the generous donations of our supporters.  So why should supporters invest in medical clinics for unplanned pregnancies?

Reason #1: Half of Pregnancies are Unplanned

Half of all pregnancies in the United States are unplanned.  Half! That’s a lot of women that did not intend to get pregnant or did not intend to get pregnant at this time.  While we all know a woman or man that has or will face an unintended pregnancy, we are not all equipped to provide the tangible assistance needed.  To meet the demand for pregnancy clinics, Support Circle has three state licensed Bay Area medical clinics where registered nurses and professional counselors can provide a safe place, at no cost to her, to discuss an unexpected pregnancy and to work through issues that may be causing emotional pain.

Reason #2: Underlying Issues

One in four women in an unintended pregnancy is unsure of what to do.   The reason they are unsure is that they are conflicted and the source of the conflict comes from underlying issues which include financial fears, the relationship with the father, feeling a lack of support, and worries concerning career, school and health.  Support Circle provides the rare environment that enables a woman to address underlying issues like these.  Our professional counselors facilitate an ongoing counseling relationship for up to one year after her decision so she can address underlying issues.

Reason #3:  A Safe Place

Women need a safe place that does not pressure them.  Everyone around her has really strong opinions about what she should do.  Many times, those strong opinions turn into pressure. But she has to live with her decision so shouldn’t she be well-informed about it and not coerced? Women need a third-party place that has their best interest in mind as a person, enabling her to sort through her feelings and provide nonjudgmental support while she works through her most pressing needs and reconnects with her core values.  Support Circle provides a trained, ethnically diverse team of professional counselors who offer nonjudgmental support and assistance with community resources. The atmosphere in our clinics is always relaxing and calm.  We do not profit directly from the outcome of her pregnancy decision.

Reason #4:  Our Laws Are Not Enough

Our laws simply fall short in this social area.  What makes this issue so difficult is that it deals with pregnancy which is a very unique life stage, unlike anything else.  It is unique in that you have a woman and a fetus that are intertwined.  The debate rages over whether it is one person who needs to be able to exercise autonomy over her body, or whether it is a woman and a baby who are two distinct beings with rights.  Our laws fall short because pregnancy cannot be neatly and easily categorized as one or the other, and people fight over that categorization.  Support Circle values both the woman and the baby and what we need are not just laws.  What we need is a proactive place in society where women can come and sort through all of their issues while they are making their pregnancy decision and have their top needs addressed.  That’s what is missing and that is what Support Circle provides.

Reason #5:  Finances

Financial worries dominate the minds of women and men facing unexpected pregnancies.  It is their number one fear.  Financial lack and fear of it can cause all of the people involved to be pitted against each other.  This is a great tragedy for society.  By investing in a medical clinic that addresses these issues, you help to create an environment where they are not pitted against each other.  And Support Circle counselors can facilitate community resources that might not be known otherwise, as well as key relationships that can change the financial equation drastically for clients.

Your support of Support Circle’s pregnancy clinics provides women, men and children facing unplanned pregnancies with the immediate assistance they need.  It is a compassionate response to a daily tragedy in our society.  Thank you for making the women, men and children we serve a priority in your life!


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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Medical Clinics for Unplanned Pregnancies
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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Medical Clinics for Unplanned Pregnancies
This article provides just five of the many reasons you should invest in medical clinics for women and men facing unintended/unplanned pregnancies.
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