Our Care Promises


Time, space and support
An unexpected pregnancy can be a traumatic time in a woman’s life. Care PromisesEach woman in this situation should have a supportive and non-pressured environment to explore her thoughts and feelings. Our registered nurses will address your immediate medical needs, and our patient advocates will help you process all of your thoughts and feelings as you decide. We care about you and your well-being. We respect and honor you as the decision maker.

Emotional support no matter what you choose
Women who are conflicted about their pregnancy should have the opportunity to address any underlying issues that are making them conflicted. That’s why, after your decision is made, you have access to our patient advocates totally free.

A safe and civil place
We are committed to a safe place where we would feel comfortable bringing our own sister, daughter, or friend. Half of all pregnancies in America are unplanned, so our client is figuratively and literally our sister, our daughter, our friend.

No insurance of any kind is required. All services are confidential.



Why do we make these promises?
When that happens, a lot of other painful things seem to crop up. We want to help. We’re able to do this because of financial donations from many local residents and organizations who believe that women should have a safe place to go that doesn’t profit from either outcome of their pregnancy decision. Our organization is strictly nonpolitical and we receive no funding from political groups.

Our Care Promises
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Our Care Promises
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Support Circle Pregnancy Clinics,
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We have care promises because you matter to us, and an unexpected pregnancy can throw your life off balance. Learn what we promise to you.